Thursday, 25 February 2010


What grows in this garden “O” mine?
Tulips, Daffodils, sprigs of thyme,
Hollyhocks, scented stock, colors of green,
Plants, flowers, annually seen,
leaves with droplets of rain weighed down
huge tree trunks with roots of brown
moths fluttering in the bright moonlight
bats asleep in caves all night.
Bee’s and butterflies hovering around.
Oblivious to humanity and every sound,
What beasts do pray in this forest of fun?
When darkness falls and the moon is bright?
Badgers, foxes, cats and mice.
Wander the vastness,seeking the light,
Plundering, raking, searching around,
looking for scraps before calling it a night,
In the morning light the flowers open wide.
The bee’s all buzz, in the active hive,
The garden so sweet in the heat of the day,
With the cloudless Blue sky, and the hottest sun ray,
It’s all a part of a wondrous sight,
natures finest, a botanical delight.

With all the bad weather we have had I thought we should get a break and a peek at what is to come in the Summer, heat, colour and sweet smells, mmm when I lived in Edinburgh I had a lovely Garden but where I live now it doesn't have one, but I can still enjoy the lovely gardens around me.

Do YOU like Gardening? whats your favourite flower? or shrub? I like sweet william hehe.


  1. Love the new look of the blog and new font. I can't wait for summer either. We go and get our flowers in May and plant away. I can't wait. Great post. Hope you have a great day..

  2. Oh, I miss our garden in California too.
    Such a lovely poem ,on a summer day.
    Gardens full of colors and hope.
    Love it.

    Have you a great weekend,my dearest William.


  3. Gardening is very relaxing and rewarding. If you have not seen my video....take a look. It has my garden I once had. It is my silly side for you! :) Have a bright day! :)

  4. u have painted a heavenly garden, a paradise for all to image and enjoy. Cool post!

    I appreciate your springy spirits despite the bad weather.

    I don't garden myself, but enjoy visiting zoos and gardens around the nation!

  5. great post william. there is something that happens when we pu tour hands to the earth that is humbling and peaceful. i help T out in the fav is our grapevine...

  6. simply lovely, i too love sweet williams. but my favourite garden flower is rose, or any white fragrant flower and favorite flower is lotus.

  7. Oh I can't wait for Spring flowers!

  8. Oh yea that all sound so good to me William,I don't do and gardening but I love roses ans sun flowers gorgeous! I'm ready for some warmer weather for sure it's still so cold here in the Carolina's. :( Luv ya William :D Good post I enjoyed the read.

  9. I was thinking as I read the first couple of lines at how wonderful it was to be reading of growth during such rotten weather! Thank you.

  10. Have The Most Beautiful Day!
    U Put a Smile on My face
    By doing Math!

    cheers, ;) ;) ;)

  11. Stay upbeat,
    Be unbeatable!
    U Rock!

  12. i love orchids...they are so hard to care for though

    I love gardening but i don't have one. i will day

  13. What a beautiful garden, your words painted the most wonderful picture. Of course your picture posted with it is beautiful too, but your poem don't really need it, but nice. I love your new blog look Billy.

  14. Heyyy William it's me again after a long refreshing nap!!! I see you wrote us a poem I thank you sooooo much and of course I put it right along what I gave Jingle have a peaceful night William. :D
    Luv ya

  15. I would love for you to share. Life is not always happy and it is great for people to learn about something they my not know about. Just put your name and put something about it being sad. Last week I had someone post about a murder in their family. That is life and it is not happy at times but it happens. So please stop by and share. Thanks.. Have a great weekend.

  16. Oh thanks for asking me before you posted it. That means a lot to me and shows me what a great friend and person you really are. Thanks..

  17. Oh, William, I couldn’t pick my favorite line I loved this poem in its entirety!!!

    Peonies and Lilacs are my favorite flowers, Lilacs for their sweet perfume and Peonies because of humor. Children seem to be a bit taken by the name and always someone asks or makes the attempt to pee on these…
    Gerardine xx


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