Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Boarding the bus you see lots of faces
tired and ashen Gray
parents with kids in tow going to school
starting a brand new day.
tossed about in a bumpy ride
tired before starting the day
some faces angry, fearful, desperate
amidst a drunken foray.
No one getting off, the bus gets full
people are standing in the aisles
looking around on this tired old bus
searching for anyone who smiles.
On it goes as well as it can
speed is never an issue
you hear the tinny noise of music
and sneezes into a tissue.
Humans plugged into various sounds
no one dares to speak
it may be a sign of nowadays
if anyone does their weak!
The journey progresses slowly
people get off en masse
no matter how much stature you have
everyone is equal in classes.
Pensioners board
the bus is full
you give up your seat
that's the rule!
On it goes slowly getting there 
the end is almost near
you can rely on public transport it seems
well yes except not here.

I wrote this after using the public transport the first for a very long time as I have a car.
Its amazing to watch the people on the bus, not a word spoken, young folks listenign to music thats supposed to be personal but everyone hears it, some angry looking characters trying to get to work, and some tired looking people wishing it was Sunday, Its strange to see the reactions, try observing them the next time YOU take the bus...

Do you use public transport? do u notice the things I have described? try watching next time u get on....


  1. Hello, how r u?
    I visited London in 2000 and ride this bus with a weekly pass.
    I always enjoy looking at people's expressions,
    but sometimes people feel offended for being stared at.

    unbeatable poem!
    cheers, ;)

  2. Enjoy your ride today!

    Pensioners board
    the bus is full
    you give up your seat
    that's the rule!

    awesome line!

  3. i enjoy riding it on occassion, such intersting people. i like to imagine their stories as we ride together yet seperate. nice verse...great topic.

  4. I connect with everything you said here. Jamaican public transportation is just like that. I hate the service here.


    an award u win by week 7 participation!
    cheers, ;)
    u r very smart!

  6. Heehee I go everywhere on the bus or the tube, so I can really see where this poem is coming from! Billy you are truly a master!

  7. You took me on a familiar journey there. So very real.

  8. I have to say no. I just ride in my car. My first taxi ride was when I was in Vegas in 04. Have a great day. Family Fridays is this week if you want to join in.

  9. I have found another Rhyming poet thanks to Jingle, loved your work I am glad to see I am not alone. look forward to reading more of your works

  10. i spent my entire childood using public transport.
    So now i detest it and avoid it as much as possible.
    Your poem captured that perfectly

  11. You are soo talented in making me feel like I am right there with you on that bus! :) Thanks for the ride! I do not do buses. I would be one of those people that would not just sit there though. I would talk and talk! :) Have fun!

  12. william,
    Thank you for all three--visiting the site, reading the poems and voting. Glad you enjoyed them. :) I enjoyed your bus poem. I have never ridden public buses much. Don't really like being crowded next to people. I think I have a larger personal space than usual. Lol.

  13. Wow, I love that poem.
    I cannot take the bus anymore
    due to my spine injuries but
    I do take the public taxi rather often
    as hubby does not allow me
    to drive.

    I have been in a double decker in Hong Kong.
    It was so fun.


  14. I dont really use it, but I have in the past...and yes, everything you describe..Ive witnessed...and NYC..!

  15. thanks a lot friends for all your kind comments :)

  16. When I was in school I took four different buses just to get to school and back, there was always the odd, woman or man mumbling to themselves wearing dirty clothes and bright red lipstick. They always had extra room to stretch out.
    My favorite lines:
    “On it goes as well as it can
    speed is never an issue
    you hear the tinny noise of music
    and sneezes into a tissue.”

    Gerardine xx

  17. lol, yes, I love to look at people and try to see their attitude, lol, it gives me something to do while on the bus, the conversations and people I meet are diferent, lol


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