Wednesday, 17 February 2010


The World is full of opinions
we all want to add our piece
so why do people act so mean
when does bigotry cease?

We all want to be honest
whats the point if we are not
we would all look like dummies
a nothing, something forgot.

Let go your hatred and self grief
it will only hurt YOU in the end
you lose all sense of normality
and yes sometimes lose a friend.

Dont be too quick to judge those 
people who may listen to YOU
but what they will not tolerate
is not allowing their point of view.

The World is a great place to be
if you are willing to come and go
friendships are based on honesty
not for you to throw.

It is sad when people are nasty
what do you come to the internet for?
do you want to air your bigotry
pull the plug on it we implore.

We all want to help you in your pain
if issues are getting you down
but you need to face the demons yourself
or sadly you will drown.

Put your pen down and give up the battle
the pain will never go away
you will be left to blabber on your own
for now and each new day.

Blogs are for sharing and making friends
not a stage for you to damn humanity
visitors will slowly dimminish
because your Blog's full of profanity.

I would rather hang my pen up
than deliberately upset anyone
we come here daily to share our work
to chat and have some fun.

To all you wonderful people
who make this community worthwhile
thank you for posting interesting things
you make the happy ones smile.

Sadly friends there are some Blogs out there who revel in self pity, they have the me me me syndrome a very difficult disease to cure, however they are outwieghed by the generous ,kind Bloggers we all have visited but they are there, be warned friends, you may stumble on one without realizing you have done so and beware of the harsh answer you get to your comments should you not agree with the poster. This sadly happened to me a few days ago when I visited a blog.
I will be much more careful in future I will scan the blog and look for tell tale signs of this before I commit.

Have YOU came across such blogs? what happened?


  1. Sorry you were treated so rudely, and you are such a sweet guy! NOT COOL! Thanks for sharing this poem. I hope you have a beautiful day. Keep writing and keep commenting. Your comments make my day, they are often the only ones on my blog!

    -Suze *:9)

  2. I agree, our little family has to be respectful...Strong poem here today hun. Thanks ever so much for being so honestxxx

  3. I have come across those blogs/bloggers. I just ignore them. If that's how they want to use their space then I say let them drown in their self pity. I've had a couple people be hateful to me after I left comments...I just didn't go back to those blogs.

  4. Blogs are for sharing and making friends
    not a stage for you to damn humanity
    visitors will slowly diminish
    because your Blog's full of profanity.

    beautiful and powerful!
    I agree with u completely!
    Stop the self pity,
    don't find excuses that u don't have time to visit other blogs, 5 new blogs a day, 30 minutes a day, yes, u do have that time...

    I admire you amazing ability to put the issue in poetic words.

    outstanding post!

  5. Your Blog is a shining example for love, encouragement, and peace...

    keep the advocacy of community of blogging spirits alive...

    cool post,
    elegant poem!

  6. Dearest William,
    I really enjoyed reading that.
    I can feel your frustration and
    I am so sorry that your good intention
    was so unappreciated.

    William, do you know that
    my other , main blog, is
    that is if you want to read more.
    I kept both as wordpress is for posting more personal stuffs.


    YOU ROCK , no matter what.
    I have been to some of these
    Unfortunately , a lot of people
    misuse the blogosphere.

  7. often it is the tender heart that gets stepped on. you are such a nice guys as well. sorry you took a hit from someone that sounds a bit toxic.

    thanks for the award as well...have been overwelmed with quite a few recently. i do appreciate it and always your kind words...

  8. I can't believe you have been disrespected, William. It's an awful feeling. I haven't known you for long but already I have come to realise how warm and honest you are and anyone who has upset you clearly doesn't know you.

    Lovely poem, once again.
    CJ xx

  9. I agree. It is sad that there are many people who are not satisfied with life, so they do not "see" it like others may. I love your words, spoken from the heart. :)


  10. Thank you for writing about this subject. Freedom of speech is wonderful when it can be a two way street.
    Beautiful words:
    "Let go your hatred and self grief
    it will only hurt YOU in the end
    you lose all sense of normality
    and yes sometimes lose a friend."

  11. Thanks very much friends, this happened a while back, but please be careful out there, you could be genuine and get embroiled in blogs for self pity..

  12. I've been very fortunate and have only encountered a few such blogs. And when I have known that I could not possibly agree with the person, I have usually just stopped visiting there.

  13. I have yet to experience any awful blogs - so far so good!


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