Monday, 18 January 2010


Can you see this world?
From a different light
When its war enticed
And doesn’t look bright.

Is the good Lord above?
Watching our foes
Choosing our enemies
Or is this how it goes?

Were we ever designed?
To be battle ready
Lifting our hands
Becoming unsteady?

Are we destined to be?
Hungry and cold
When some are rich
With money untold?

Does the moon ever fade?
Tarnish or die
Is the sun gonna shine
In a bright clear sky?

Are butterflies colours?
Black and white
Are oceans bottomless?
full of delight.

Is love just a word
Meaningless and dull
Is a bond not your word?
Carved in yourskull.

Do you help your neighbour
when he is in plight?
can you sit around watching
while others all fight?

Would you ignore your brother
if his skin was brown?
can you stand and watch
another human drown?

Could you ignore a person
who cannot communicate?
having learning difficulties
that did not self create?

These are questions
I cannot answer
but we live in hope
like a cure for cancer!!

Children ask many questions, but do you have the answer? when my daughter was young she asked so many questions, when she saw something on TV she would say dad whays theis whys that, now I am sure EVERYONE went through this  at some point, did you have the answers? thse are just some of the questions I could go on forever,

What the most weird question your kids have asked and what was your answer?


  1. excellent wordplay,
    I love this very much,
    it integrates wild imaginations and curious

    nobody can asnwer these questions, but it is FUN to think about it and play with the possibilities of is good for everyone.

    take care.
    enjoy your gift in poetry.

  2. Nice poem Billy. Lots of questions. An answer to one of them, yes the good Lord is watching over us and my friend He has everything under control. His plan will be carried out. One day He will be back to carry us home, and there will be no more sorrow, pain or suffering of any kind. I remember when my oldest daughter Sara was five, I took her to the Salvation Army Church with me to help with giving out toys, clothes, and food to the needy at Christmas. Sara asked me, did God care about the needy families. I told her that He sure did that was why so many loving and caring people gave of thier time, and money to help those in need. From that day on she was right by my side helping with my volunteer work. When Donna was old enough she too stood by my side. God always have a plan Billy, but it is up to us to be ready to listen so we can be where He needs us the most.

  3. when do we lose the curiousity of children? our ability to question lost and we just go with the flow?

    and do we really need answers to all? some we may never.

    nicely done.

  4. "Are butterflies colours?
    Black and white
    Are oceans bottomless?
    full of delight."

    I really like the imagery in these lines. Great poem!

  5. I see my friend Kathy came by... She is now one of your followers. Amazing. My little one is still too little and really does not ask to many questions. For now they are about food. Like "Snack please" When I get the please in there. Have a great day.

  6. Dear Billy
    I was fascinated by your poem, Questions I cannot answer.
    The impassioned questions stirred ardent emotions in this reader,
    and produced a dramatic poem. Craftsmanship was flawless.
    Mary Naylor

  7. Great poem and thank you for posting it. It definitely gave me a lot to think about.

  8. Nice poem William. Kids ask some great questions don't they.

    Apparently when I was a child I drove my parents crazy by asking "why?" all the time. lol

  9. I once asked my dad why we had ears, I think it was after watching Dumbo! Dad said that we were given outer flaps on our ears to amplify sound, and stop the wind from blowing in them! Loved the poem!

  10. I like that William :) and goodness, I don't know what the craziest question they asked me was...there's been MANY

  11. The most weird question were the most fun and memorable.. My son-I wrote out a note asking the tooth fairy for five dollars, “Do you think she can afford it?” My oldest daughter and son- “Would you like some dog stew? (This is being asked as they stand over the dog with a knife and fork they had piled him with mud, flowers and grass.) Youngest daughter- How does it feel being old?

    This is a great question:
    “can you stand and watch
    another human drown?

    A very thought provoking poem as always, beautifully written.
    Gerardine Baugh

  12. thanks a lot friends for your views and comments, hopefully our kids can teach us new things :)

  13. Beautiful poem, William. I love your verse. Not only do you have much to say, but you do it very elequently. You are definitely a master wordsmith.

    Like Viola, I have to say that Christ answers those questions for me, and I believe Him when He says He will come again and will reign on the Earth. The Bible is full of accounts of individuals who have grappled with these same tough questions and have found the answers they needed at the time. I often think of Job who railed and mourned. He took his case before God and though he didn't get all the specific answers to his questions, God spoke to him out of the whirlwind and revealed His majesty. Not only did he give Job peace, but he physically restored him.

    As far as my children, they always did have questions and still do as young adults. I always have to point them to the same source I have turned to and that is God's Word and prayer. We don't always understand what is going on and why, but when we get our eyes off the problem for awhile and look at God and remember who He is and what He has done, we know things will turn out right. It doesn't always happen immediately, but God walks with us through difficulty step by step, and in 50 years, I must say He has never steered me wrong.

    Rhoda Fort


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