Tuesday, 26 January 2010


If it wasn't for our eyes
we would no longer see
If it wasn't for our birth
we could not ever be.

If it wasn't for our Soldiers
who would defend our land?
if it wasn't for helping
who would lend a hand?

If it wasn't for hope
whats the point of living
if it wasn't for all charities
then whats the point of giving?

If it wasn't for the moon
our nights would be so dark
if it wasnt for greenery
our kids would have no park!

If it wasn't for medicines
people would just die
if it wasnt for aeroplanes
man wouldn't be able to fly.

If it wasn't for the sun
we would have even less to eat
if it wasn't for friendships
we would have no one to meet.

If it wasn't for love
hatred would rule this day
if it wasn't for democracy
no one would have a say.

If it wasn't for War
peace could covet all land
if it wasn't for flavours
our taste buds would be bland.

If it wasn't for poverty
the rich could keep their money
if it wasn't for the bees
there would be no honey.

If it wasn't for the flowers
our lives would be gray
if it wasn't for technology
how would we fill our day?

If it wasn't for freedom
we would all be locked away
if it wasn't for religion
the devil would have his own way.

If it wasn't for animals
could we really survive?
if it wasn't for companionship
would we want to be alive?

If it wasn't for creativeness
then History would be a waste
if it wasn't for our pallette
how are we supposed to taste?

And the winner is.... DRUM ROLL

Paul Andrew Russell brilliant addition, thanks Paul.

If it wasn't for others

We'd all feel so alone
If it wasn't for mother earth
We wouldn't have a home.

There is a lot to think about, If is a magical word used in so many contexts, if I had done this, then that would not have happened? what if? and so on, this poem describes what the alternatives would mean if we did not have the above options or things in our lives, naturally this is only my view and examples have been used...

Can you write a part for me to add to this poem 4 lines the same as I have done in your comments? I will post the best one when ALL entries are in..have fun..

1.If it wasn't for.......
3.if it wasn't for.......


  1. Hello,

    I am thrilled to see a child in you,
    playful, animated, sharp, full of energy,
    and packed with wisdom and energy...

    your poem stands very strong, it reveals a magical kingdom in which there are always wonders, fair tales, dreams, wishes, hope, and

    what amazing post.

    if it wasn't for your poetry blog,
    my day will be plain and gray,
    if it wasn't for your open mind in friendships,
    I may lose my interest to continue blogging and play.

    cheers, ;)

  2. Nice poem William, a lot of things to think about here.

    If it wasn't for others
    We'd all feel so alone
    If it wasn't for mother earth
    We wouldn't have a home.

    Thanks for this little writing exercise, William. It was fun trying to write something on the fly.

    Have a great rest of the day.


  3. It's a lovely poem, meaningful words. I enjoyed the verse about not being able to fill our day, if it wasn't for technology.

    CJ xx

  4. as always you and Jingle bring a smile to my day with your words, I love the comment above ;)

    I always enjoy stopping by your page ;)

  5. This is so good! Really made me think..yet again! :)

    If it wasn't for silence
    Nature would not sing,
    If it wasn't for choices
    We would forget everything.


  6. If it wasn't for my Mother.
    I would not know how to be a Mother.

  7. This is a very playful poem my friend.

    If it wasn’t for happiness
    There wouldn’t be joy,
    If it wasn’t for jobs
    We would be unemploy.

  8. loved this one man...somewhere along the way we lose our ability to question...right about the time we lose our ability to wonder...very thought provoking...

  9. Dear Billy,
    Once again, your poem "IF IT WASN'T FOR" really struck a nerve in my lifetime. I have wondered 'what if' we had stayed in Maine instead of moving to IL.? The answer was, it was his mom alone, since he was an only child. She was so happy we moved there and he went into the telephone company. My mama had my two sisters and a brother there around them...I can't say it was easy though. I missed the countryside and my parents so much, but then, what about our children? They wouldn't have met the wonderful young men and David wouldn't have been born, too, had I not went in to the dr's 2 weeks early. We have so many 'what ifs' in our lives, don't we? We have lost two of our precious children but we've been blessed too. I know they are happy and watching over us. What would we have done without all the scientific discoveries that have been made? I could have died at 62 and George too, if the specialists hadn't been there for us.So many things to think about and you have covered them all, once again with an easy flowing, rhymed poem with so much imagery. I'm so proud of you, dear William. I believe I'll try to add 4 lines to your poem. It should be fun! Let's see what I can do...LOL Love, Helen xxxx
    1. If it wasn't for ears to hear
    how could we respond to someone dear?
    2, If it wasn't for cool, refreshing water to drink
    we could not live...to death we would sink.
    3. If it wasn't for encouragement and positive thought
    We would have negativity and in sin be caught.
    4. If it wasn't for families who grew closely together
    What a dull life it would be to not have one another.
    *© Helen Holub Jan. 27, 2010
    Well, it was worth a try, anyway. Thanks again for a really superb poem.

  10. Dear friends.

    THANK YOU for participating in this bit of fun, there were sooooooooo many brilliant entries to the poem I wasn't daring to choose coz I love them all however a winner had to be chosen, so My Daughter Stephanie chose PAULS entry and a good choice it was.... shhh you are ALL winners in my eye :)

  11. Wow, that's cool William, thanks. :-) I don't know what else to say.

    You made it easy to follow your lead; great poem.


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