Monday, 25 January 2010


In 1912 disaster struck
to a vessel they said was unsinkable
a ship designed to stand up to anything
to go down would seem unthinkable.

The ship was grand, people were keen
to sail in this majestic beauty
tickets flew hot from the port office
and all staff were called to duty.

The designer made a few drastic changes
he insisted elegance came before life
giant staircases lined with the portside
which had cut deeper than a knife.

Steel plates were attached by hand
as machines couldnt get to some parts
making spots of the ship vulnerable
which went unnoticed on the charts.

The ship was grand, the clientelle were rich
the poor were crowded below
class was important at the start of the century
lower classess had no room to grow.

The lifeboats were cut just sixteen were aboard
for over two thousand customers and crew
women and children were priority then
even though men did get through.

Some crew from the other ship
were laid off their service not required
one of them went off with a key
to a cabinet holding all they desired.

The Captian had no drills it seems
so the crew were unable to cope
judging by the historic events
they did not have a hope.

The Iceberg responsible for the disaster
was floating closer to their ship
even although many warnings were given
the ship had to fulfill its trip.

The Captian wanted to go faster
even though the warnings were clear
he was of an attitude everything was fine
no one had anything to fear.

It seemed for a while the coast was clear
the iceberg was changing direction
the captian thought he was navigating away
beyond the icebergs infection.

Because of the lack of experience
the crew did not know what to do
once the disaster struck for real
all their nightmares came true.

one thousand five hundred people lost their lives
on that fateful freezing night
the water was 50 degrees below
many died with fright.

A mighty ship called unsinkable
lost its will to live
and just because they never took care
or any thought did give.

Mother nature knows no bounds
she wins almost all the time
for the people who designed this ship
I believe they committed a crime.

98 years ago, the ship they said was unsinkable, did indeed sink, too many people had played their part in the downfall of this ship which lost so many innocent lives, shortcuts, lack of drills, not enough lifeboats, it was a disaster waiting to happen and indeed it did.

This poem is to commemorate the 1500 lives lost in this disaster which could have easily been avoided...

What disasters do YOU remember and are they still vivid in your mind?


  1. I have watched the movie many times with eyes rolling down my face. Your poem is as emotional as the movie, and the articles, and stories that I have read about this terrible disasters. In my life I have lived through hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, but yet I still can't even come close to know the fear these people must have felt. Once again my friend thank you for a wonderful write.

  2. sometimes we can find ourself of the same beliefs as those that captained the unsinkable. and end up the same way. nice commemorative piece.

  3. You have outdone yourself on this one my friend. What a historical event captured in a fabulous poem. This is a movie I could watch a thousand times its just a story that never grows old.

  4. I would have to say "9/11" That was just a big shock and heart break in my like. The Ok City Bombing was a big one too. All of those poor children..

  5. "Some crew from the other ship
    were laid off their service not required"

    This poem is fantastic! It builds with each word, making my heart sink.

    I wondered if you were thinking about the big companies, right now, which are cutting corners in a greedy attempt to cut costs, then hoping it all works out?
    Those thoughts raced around my mind as I read this poem.
    Gerardine Baugh

  6. Again, great topic brought up - nice to see history featuring in your poetry!

  7. Hello,

    I remember on that day of 911, I broke a bowl early in the morning, before my husband boarded an airplane to visit another university, later, when I was walking in the student union, I saw planes crash in the TV screen, I was shocked because I assumed that it was my husband's airplane, then it is in New York, I learned from online news...

    Thank you for bringing the remarkable history of a sunk ship into light today...

    precise capture of emotions,
    magical words of reactions...

    I appreciate your knowledge about historical events, ;)

  8. I remember 9/11 and the Tsunami in Malaysia and a lot of the natural disasters of the last few years. It's always the innocent and the poor who suffer the most and that makes me really sad :(

  9. Nice poem William.

    The Titanic sank not very far from where I now live, here in Newfoundland. That's weird isn't it? Hmmmmm?

  10. You have captured the hearts of those who were lost at sea. Beautiful words. Thanks for your expressions.

  11. thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    when i think of disasters for some reason i always think about the oklahoma city bombing. which, to me, was in many ways worse than what happened on 9-11 :(

  12. good morning:

    I wish you A day filled with inspirations,
    I may never do what you do, you write so many amazing poems and inspire so many people...

    cheers, take good care and enjoy an uplifting day.

  13. You certainly haven't lost your touch, sweet William, nor the way your imagery shines, along with the flow and rhyme of your poem. It looks like greed and cuts taken was what really sunk this beautiful ship and so many people were lost at sea. A tremendous poem, dear. I could never have done better.
    Love, Helen xx

  14. This is a beautiful poem and tribute to the tragic loss of lives. Well done.

    CJ xx

  15. Such a tragic event, and it effected people from all walks of life and nationalities. Very sad. Thanks for sharing this!


  16. Death comes to all - it's a great leveler, Bethan. Among those who died on the Titanic were some of the richest in the world; for example, John Jacob Astor IV. His "very mangled body" was recovered, an they were able to bury him. But he had to watch his young, pregnant wife lowered into a little lifeboat - no doubt neither of them believing, then, that she or their unborn son would survive the night. I'm not saying this to invoke pity on the wealthy - just to say that when disaster strikes, every victim of it suffers. Every dead person is just as dead as the next.

    William, I agree with you; if hubris were a crime, then the design and building of the Titanic was criminal. I wonder about some of today's mass-market cruise ships, too - they seem so massive and so top-heavy. Just because they have enough lifeboats and jackets doesn't make them immune to trouble. Then again, what would the world be if we never took risks? I don't parachute, but I know people who love it. That's hardly a sport you can make "safe." The difference comes in reasonable expectations. The Titanic was billed as "unsinkable," so unsinkable it should have been. That it sank was as much a breach of faith as it was a "crime."

  17. I live very close to the place it sank in fact yesterday I walked by the graveyard where they buried all who died. Very nice poem (:

  18. Hi, William,

    I followed you here from Twitter. I love your Titanic poem. It was very moving and a fine tribute to the innocent victims of that horrible tragedy. Can't wait to read some of your others poems. You have a great blog here.

    All the best,

    Rhoda Fort (known in another life as Celticwriter550)

  19. I'm enjoying your poetry. Nice work.


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