Sunday, 24 January 2010


What can we learn
about our youth of today
is it not in our interest
to have our say?

Children so young carrying knives
some as young as eight
needing protection from their peers
terrified of their fate.

Who instigates the hatred they have?
towards their fellow man
its not because of colour or race
thats not were it began.

Peer pressure builds so easily
among our vulnerable youth
running in gangs, scared of no one
hiding from the truth.

Drinking booze "shooting up"
nothing better to do
hanging around the shopping malls
waiting to terrorize YOU.

We read in the papers daily
another kid dies by the knife
seventeen years old with a baby
and leaving behind a wife.

What is the outcome of this?
does it stop them doing more?
they think about it for a moment
then head on out the door.

A life for a life, eye for an eye
is the only way they can move on
going around in vicious circles
from midnight until dawn.

Unemployment and boredom are factors
everything has been taken away
nothing to do but hang around
in gangs to "fight" all day.

Governments need to take note
the youth of today is a mess
try supporting and giving them notice
then the dead may become even less.

Do you know where your child is?
while your tucked up safe at home
can you sit back and ignore this?
and allow your kids to roam?

What hope does the next generation have
if this one cannot live in peace
they will learn from their parents
that fighting shall never cease!

Everyday these days you see gangs of kids hanging around shops, some never at school, some are but hang around at night,what do they have to do? no jobs, no facilities, so they are left to their own vices, daily we read about kids being shot, or knifed in our streets we saw awe, but we shrug it off and move on, well its time we realized the seriousness of the situation....

Are there any gangs hanging around YOUR area? are u scared of them? do you feel something should be done for our kids? maye YOU were a gang member yourself, love to hear from you.


  1. I like it. I live no where near a gang though. I suppose there are to many trees out here. Your poem reminds me of one I wrote around Christmas. I just put it on my blog if you want to read it.
    your right though, gangs are a violent circle. They need to be stoped.

  2. Good morning,

    Gangs are everywhere, not just in America, it exists all over the world,
    when its mission is to rob, hurt, becomes a threat to our society...

    thank you for the admirable poem,
    it reminds people not to encourage their kids to join such organizations...

    have A refreshing day.

  3. I have never seen any gangs hanging around the apartments I live in. We have a security guard who works here and he also lives here. But we do have them everywhere in Florida. I have come across a few of them when I worked, and right off bat I let them know that I was not scare of them. As a matter of fact I told one of them to pull up his pants because I did not want to see his nake butt. He asked me if I knew who he was. My reply to him was, "It's not important that I know who you are. My question to you is, do you know who you are"? I shocked him so bad he and his friends walked out of the store looking at me with a puzzle face. From that day on when they came into the store they did not show their naked butt, and they stopped by the bakery to say hello to me. Fear is not of the Lord, and I do not give those who try to intimidate me the pleasure of thinking I am afraid of them. Our children are out of hand for many reasons and the government is the main reason. Parents have no control over their children now days, the government has taken their rights away. Why, they will throw you in jail, and take your child away if your child don't like your rules, all they have to do is call social services and yell my parents are abusing me. Yes parents are scare and they do have a right to be. The government is the one raising our young people and they are doing a terrible job. Thank you for caring Billy.

  4. This poem made me think. There are plenty of gangs out there waiting to take vulnerable kids and give them a "rep". It should start with the parents, but some parents have no control whatsoever over their kids. At the end of the day these are children, frightened little kids, acting up. There were gangs in the fifties, but also lads then had some form of respect for their elders. Bobbies were everywhere, and could give a hiding if you didn't tow the line. Give our unemployed lads work maybe bring back national service, to teach army respect? I don't know but something has to be done.

  5. When I lived in Chicago, it was very common place to see gangs walking around. Knives are bad enough, but the guns scare me more. Within one second and lives are changed forever

    Great poem, great lines:
    "Peer pressure builds so easily
    among our vulnerable youth
    running in gangs, scared of no one
    hiding from the truth."


  6. Nice poem William.

    Some of these kids never have a chance because of what their parents are, drunks and druggies. There's also the element of abuse. You hurt a kid and what does he/she have to believe in? You can only lead by example. Kids can see the hypocrisy in a drunk, abusive parent telling them not to drink or hurt others. They aren't stupid. They get beaten from an early age, they want to go out and beat someone else. They see their parents taking from others, they think it's okay to take from others. Then there's the other end of the spectrum, where parents with money give their kids everything but the one thing they want, love. If you aren't prepared to spend time with your kids, letting them know they are important, then they aren't going to feel important. So then they go out doing stuff that will get them the attention they're crying out for. It's a vicious circle. Beat your kids, ignore your kids, it's all abuse. Spend time with them, teach them, they won't join gangs, they won't hurt other people. Just my observations, William.

  7. Hello William
    It is a serious situation and gets swept under the carpet; the areas in which most gangs circulate are ones which the authorities tend to "forget" when it comes to improvement and progress.

    Best wishes, CJ xx

  8. I am not a gang member. I grew up around them and it really did not bother me too much. I just hope that all of them do learn and grow up. Sometimes gangs are the only family some people have.

  9. working with youth, i think they are a product of the households that have developed over the last several years. many are lost in th bus-ness of life, left to fend for themselves.


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