Saturday, 23 January 2010


I tried to be the best wife I could
but it wasn't enough for you
determined to anger me, make me sad
so my love can never be true.

Deliberatley you goaded me till I cried
starting arguments to make me give in
the mental torture cut deep inside
gnawing at me from within.

Thirty five years of marriage I gave you
chucked away like a used handkerchief
no councelling or help to decide our fate
just YOU getting justice and relief.

You traded me in for someone else
never taking my feelings into account
worked hard all our marraige for you and the kids
no matter how hard or the amount.

So go have your life, be with that girl
leave me alone to survive
don't worry about me be happy yourself
I'll be fine on my own, Im alive!

Struggling to live, scared on my own,
rejection is hard to bare
a man you loved for forty years
has gone, life is not fair.

Kids all gone, lives of their own
I am left to dwindle away
not going out, no friends to see
living this life day by day.

It's hard to forget so many years
most of them happy, not sad
so its questionable why this happened to me
in a previous life was I bad?

Months have passed ,things moving on
starting to get back my life
going shopping. eating out
in my new role as single not as wife!

Happy now on my own, I reflect back then
when It nearly ended taking my life
but time is a great healer so they say
especially for me an abandoned wife.

Its very sad when this happens to people who have been married for a significant number of years, imagine how YOU would feel being told from YOUR Husband or Wife that they were leaving you, they had found someone else, I suppose you would be devastated, this poem is fiction but it does happen in real life, this poem is told from the WIFES point of view although it can happen the other way around....

Do you know anyone this has happened to?, did they get over it? please record your opinions here.


  1. Oh this is a hard one. My parents did this when I was just 1 year old. I think my parents got over it but it hurt me the most. Not that they were not together. What my Dad did. He just dropped me. That is fine I have had a new Dad in my life for a long time. It does not matter anymore.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. it is hard to see this no matter how many years it has been. the grass always seems greener, but what you leave sad.

  3. Hello,

    Kids are the victims, I know a friend who told me that she does not like talking to her mother, because her dad left her mom, her dad remarried, but her mom is still single, thus her mom always feels the pain, complains wildly whenever she gets a chance to see her children, it is hard to tell who is wrong in the first place, but it is a sad fact that the woman who was left behind is hurt, she refuses to move on, thus the pain is deeper...

    beautiful poem,
    insightful standpoint...

  4. I was married to my first husband 21 years and during that time he found at least 10 someone else's. It's not fun :(

  5. One of my friends is now going through divorce, she has two little ones and he is living the life of riley. I'm a child of divorce myself, it's very hard. You were brave to read this from the view point of the lady Billy!

  6. You brought tears to my eyes Billy on this one. I just can't stop thinking about my poor mom being left with ten kids to raise on her own. I know a few people who got divorce after being married many years, and it is so sad and heartbreaking to watch what it does to them. Thank you for sharing your point of view in your poetry on this subject my friend. I love the way you can see things in a woman's point of view, many men can't do that, and it is refreshing to know there are a few men in the world who can.

  7. My first husband found a lot of someone else’s I never knew about. It is so much easier if they just tell you what’s going on. I would have been happy to leave; he wanted it all never cared about anyone else. It took him 23 years to slip up and me to see it.

    I remarried - this July, Michael and I will be married 8 very happy years.


  8. thanks kindly friends for your candid comments, It isnt very nice when this happens..

  9. I'm so glad I never had the experience of being 'traded in'...not even for a 20 year old!! LOL. After so many years, one wonders why he would be such a fool but men do have 'a type of menopause' just like women do. I agree that women have done this to their husbands, too. You have written it so meaningfully and with such flow and great rhyme as well. Your imagery is superb and it's easy to tell that it was written by a woman's view. How would a man write it, in his view, I wonder. Just putting that little bit to think about. LOL

    Helen Holub


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