Thursday, 21 January 2010


I look at your face
pale and gray
you were alright before
but not today?

The sun didn't shine
as it did before
you were cold and dark
walking out that door!

We did not fight
as I recall
you slept in my arms
coming home from the mall.

You were quietly resigned
walking hand in hand
till we got to the house
help me understand!

What goes through your mind?
when you stare into space
at least let me in
if this is the case

Your eyes tell a story
lost in your head
fear is behind them
when you come to bed!

Whatever troubles you
I need to know
theres no time for guesswork
or perhaps I will go.

Is it because of the baby?
don't you love our child?
you used to be spontanious
romantically wild.

But now you cry for ages
and cannot cope by day
I listen to the Mothers
and all they have to say.

It is normal to feel low
after the trauma you have had
giving birth to our son wasn't easy
in fact your time was bad.

But that was seven months ago
and still you freak out at him
your patience at an all time low
life is looking grim.

We need to see a Doctor
you cannot go on like this
I cannot even come near you
let alone give you a kiss!

Darling you know I love you
this is a partnership afterall
but to see you in this state of mind
with you heading for a fall.

With patience and consideration
we will get through this quick
councillors helping as well as the doc
will hopefully do the trick.

Here we are five months passed
you are bouncing and full of health
our son is thriving and so are we
worth more to me than any amount of wealth.

Post natal depression happens to millions of women Worldwide, its a state that makes all around hell for everyone, talking from personal experience it can make or break a relationship, thankfully I was patient but some guys cannot cope, thats when the Professionals come in handy.

Did you, or anyone you know suffer from post natal depression? if so how long did you have it? was your partner supportive and did it put you off having more kids?


  1. true tale. true tale. it can be a tough time for dads as well.

  2. Another outstanding poem my friend, with the pain others go through. I have never nor do I know anyone who went through this, but through your poem I could feel the pain the family was feeling.

  3. Ow great poem again. Nice to see from a man's point of view :)

  4. I was very lucky. I did not have this happen to me. I know some who it did. But it is a big change and I can see why.

  5. Good morning,

    Thrilled to see so many early birds who come and comment before me :)

    your poem is a light in my eyes, you phrased it in shorter sentences and even a child can read and enjoy it..what incredible enhancement in wording!

    The after-birth issues may be common to many woman, including amaze me by your sharp senses and animated descriptions to convey a vivid picture about what's going on...I love the picture instantly, ...

    extraordinary topic,
    first-class poem,
    unbeatable mood,
    outstanding post!

  6. William, I can totally relate to this wonderful piece of art you have written. I to suffered from PPD and it was a very scary experience for my family, as most new mothers do not even at first realize there is an issue. Thank you for writing and sharing this very touching piece!

  7. What a powerful poem. Incredible.

  8. Hello William I truly enjoyed your poem you did an excellent job!!! I never suffered through this but the battle with depression goes on with this fibro & arthritis,have a wonderful day.

  9. Very good poem, it flowed and was spot on with this issue. All your poems are great,

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind comments, its great to get everyones point of view..appreciate that.


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