Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Told from a Mothers point of view.

Why do you look so pale today?
yesterday you were glowing
looking so sad sitting there
uncaring and not knowing.

Its as if you were a million miles away
nothing arround you matters
your life is torn, sorrowful, sad
amidst you all is in tatters.

What turned this boy into a raging soul?
fighting with ones he adores
did someone treat you badly before
were did you get those sores?

Your arm is bruised red in color
trying to hide it from all around
you sit there quiet in your own cold world
hardly making a sound.

Scratches so deep nearly hitting a vein
but not quite reaching the goal
done in privacy so no one knows
burrowing down like a little mole.

Why do you do this? whats wrong with you?
can't you discuss this with me right now?
I promise to listen and to be calm
I give you my solemn vow.

If I cannot help you lets see someone
who can advise or show you the way
you cannot continue to be this sad
just now or any other day.

Three months ago you were a lively lad
hardly a care in the world
now this torture has entered your body
this terror has quickly unfurled.

Talk with me now, tell me whats wrong
I cannot guess the way you feel
I try to be here for you day and night
my love for you is real.

Maybe in time you can get better
we will fight this thing together
through councillors or doctors if need be
we will get through this bad weather.

Enough said, it happens, the stats are on the graphic, we need to act to stop children from self harming and find out why, its an epidemic....

picture courtesy of google and does not represent the child in this poem.

Have you heard of any kids who self harm? did you know of anyone who has gone through this with their child? would love to hear from you..


  1. When a child does self harm, it becomes a habit, even if the reason is found the habit needs help to be stopped. Very round and round.

    Your poems are helping people to think, and help one another, without judgment. Beautifully written! Your words are an inspiration!

    My favorite lines- superb advice:
    “If I cannot help you lets see someone
    who can advise or show you the way
    you cannot continue to be this sad
    just now or any other day.”

    Gerardine Baugh

  2. It seems that more and more of our children wants to do harm to themselves or others. I have heard of people cutting themselves. You have a way of bringing out issues that need to be addressed to help people be awared of what is going on in the world. Thanks Billy for caring.

  3. wow, very creative, beautiful and fresh...

    from the mothers point of view, yes, it is very sense making and touching to know and read...mothers care a great deal, you are growing smarter and doing outstanding job all along..

    I like the way you ask questions and
    paint a mental pictures of the child who does self-harm...

    top read of the day.

  4. I use to work with children with many problems like that. It was the best job ever because I did change their lives and show them how to be a positive person.. Yeah..

  5. People use self harm as a way to get the hurt out of themselves and onto their skin. I know it sounds daft but to have a visible bruise or even a spot of blood, releases the sadness that you feel inside. It's a vicious circle, and generally gets worde before it gets better. Very sensitively written from the perspective of a loving and worried parent. Thanks for sharingxx

  6. One of my daughters best friends is a cutter. They need a lot of understanding and a lot of love.

  7. thanks friends for your comments, this is getting more serious by day, educations is needed and care..


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