Sunday, 17 January 2010


You get up early stommoch in a turn
hardly slept the night before
but still you sleep in ,rushing around
running out that door.

No breakfast or coffee no time for that
but at least you have went on time
but thats in the past you need to move on
be positive your in your "prime"

You arrive at the Office nervous as hell
straighening your tie on your neck
you think about how shaky you are
and then decide what the heck.

Greeted by two people you have never met
all they need is a lamp
the Gestapo have a lot to answer for
at least you don't look like a tramp.

Question after question your mouth drys up
but at least you have some water
taking a sip from the plastic glass
wondering if you oughta.

Then you are asked about things you don't know
scraping the barrel for examples
your mind is active twirling around
looking for prime old samples.

The look you get across the wooden table
is of sympathy as they did as well
questions still coming from alternate voices
eventually from whom you can't tell.

Then you await the decision for ages
not knowing is the worst part of all
"you will be informed by letter" they say
no news but awaiting the fall.

But at least some aknowledge you, some do not
and thats rude because of the effort you make
attending an interview can be daunting
just like a funeral or wake.

When the day finally comes the letter arrives
you are terrified to open it to read
it lies on the table you glance at it
then open it with speed.

The news can be good or it can be sad
but at least you have attempted to go
because if you don't try you will never succeed
and will have no room to grow.

I was at an interview yesterday he first since moving down to England, its still as daunting as your first but at least you have some experience in what it will consist of.I feel sorry for school leavers these days, no work is readily available and the interview process is horendous, they are asked "what experience do you have" well none lol because they have just left school and WANT to get experience, stupid question, and because they have NO experience,they are unsuccesful, weird or what??

Have you recently went for an interview? how did you fair? did you get the job? did you have a dream job you had your heart set on and were rejected? would love to hear from you.


  1. Did you get the job, my friend? I was praying and thinking about you the last two days. As always your poem shines with a job excellently done.

  2. hello, friend:

    Please stop the anger or furstration, smart people such as you shall never fight with dumb bosses...
    You Deserve Happiness,
    You Will Find Your Job!
    Be Patient,
    Be Happy,
    Life Is short,
    You Are Never Alone!

    Unbeatable Poem! :)

  3. Did you get the job? I hope so :) I haven't worked in several years but my last job I was the interviewer. I always told people if their chances looked good or not. I couldn't tell them if they got the job because I didn't have the final say but I did tell them if I thought they would get the job or not.

  4. You have highlighted how terrifying the interview process is, especially if you are a shy person. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I don't think I'll need to do that anymore thank God, but I do have rejection letters to replace them! I really loved this poem William.

  5. Hope you got the job William. I hate interviews.

    My wife and I work for ourselves now; no more interviews.

    I enjoyed this poem immensely.

  6. Hello,

    how are you?
    Missed you in my blog, wish that everything works out FINE for you.

    Always, you deserve the best.

  7. how are you my friend? i already added you in my blogroll. so did you get your job?

  8. Oh boy, how I know about this one! This is why I wear a CPAP at night...if I don't, not only do I not get to sleep, but I could die in my sleep as the sleep deprivation was from Sleep Apnea. Your heart stops beating for a second and one has to be pushed back into wakefulness enough to start the beating up again. It was a tough lesson to learn but the mask does work and keeps air going into my lungs. Fortunately, I don't have to have anything stronger. I wouldn't like to have an oxygen tank next to my bed every night like my mama did. Ah, the issues in life, huh? We never know what's next, either.
    Love & hugs,
    Helen xxx
    P.S. Deidre said she sent the picture of our great-grandtwins and their older sister so am waiting for them impatiently!


  9. Hi Billy,
    I liked the way you caught the emotions of the interview setting. Your poem reminded me of some of my interviews when I went into teaching many years ago. Nice job!
    Mary Naylor

  10. Hi friends, THANK YOU for your kind comments, dont know if I got the job, will find out at the end of this week, thanks for all your kind wishes..:)

  11. I haven’t been around the past week. I hope you got the job.

    I have had some interesting interviews. I laugh at the trick questions- What would you do if someone yelled at you? “I would tell them where to stick it!” Wrong answer, LOL!! Have you ever taken something that wasn’t yours? Come on, everyone accidentally takes a pen or pencil, but no I have never robbed a bank.

    I laughed at this line, because I have sat and wondered then drank and spilled the water down my shirt, oops!

    “Question after question your mouth drys up

    but at least you have some water

    taking a sip from the plastic glass

    wondering if you oughta.”

    No experience at a specific job I applied for I told them of all the things I have done to show I can learn.

    Again Good luck on your interview!!

    Gerardine Baugh

  12. Thanks friends for all your input and kind comments, yes I got the job lol, well its in principle as yet as they have to do certain checks..


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