Friday, 15 January 2010


Lying awake watching the clock
alone in your own little World
counting sheep, or anything you can
while your body is tossed and hurled.

lie this way, no the other way is best
fighting to shut down from the day
if you had a partner they would be disturbed
for you there is no other way.

Get up and take a drink of water
then try the battle once more
placing the covers over your tensed up body
playing shadows with the light on the door.

Nothing you do, can make any difference
your more awake now than you were
do a crossword puzzle, tire out your brain
unwind all the tension in there.

Try with the light out,shut your eyes
sleep will come very soon you feel
try and unwind empty your mind
for sleep you would do a deal.

Still you lie getting more alert
will this nightmare ever end?
watch some tv, read a few chapters
your tired yeah right just pretend.

Another three hours has passed so quick
time will not stand still for me
tried everything in my power to sleep
it seems this is how it must be.

Make an appointment to see a doctor
perhaps something can be done
take three of these twice a day
your brian will shut down by one!

feeling drowsy the day after what good is this?
I cannot concentrate on what I'm doing
my manager is angry she sees me dozing
an argument with her is brewing.

Taken to the office to discuss my work
I feel so dumb inside
having sleep issues is ruining my life
let alone hurting my pride.

I stopped the medication it made me worse
now I am back to having difficulties sleeping
I suppose I will just have to get used to it
it makes me feel like weeping.

Our brains need to rest, they do shut down
when your sleeping peacefully at night
do not suffer in silence seek help
someone will help you in your plight.

Sleep deprivation or Insomnia is very frustrating, it can lead to all sorts of problems, mental health issues are a great cause of sleep deprivation because your mind never stops turning, the brian is supposed to shut down, to replenish itself for another day, however if this doesnt happen, it affects your daily life,I suffer from part insomnia its not funny, its ok staying up late and being on the pc, but when you have things to do it spoils the whole following day, seek help for this, do not give in to accepting sleeping tablets if you feel this is not the option for you, sleeping tablets make you doze even the next day, there are specialists out there who can deal with sleeping issues.

Have you ever been affected with sleep issues? did you seek help? what was the outcome, would love to hear from you.


  1. another winner.
    I do get up and stay on PC for an hour or two, but have No problem sleeping or going back to sleep.
    I know it is hard if one gets sleep deprivation,
    of course, help is needed.

    You always shock me with your amazing ability to paint a animated images with your lines.

  2. After my surgery I went through a few months of insomnia, but it seem to correct itself after a period of time. I am so happy that now I can go to sleep and get a good nights rest. Wonderful poem Billy.

  3. What a scary picture you have today. Do you write these all on your own? I am so amazed. I could never do it. In school I always got scared to write a poem. I have sleep issues but that is because I have a small child in my house.. Ha... Have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by..

  4. Hi Wiliam, from one Brit to another. (I'm originally from Chesterfield, Derbyshire).

    Great poem. Made me feel all those things I used to feel. Made me shiver actually, just remembering the lack of sleep.

    I used to work nights, did them for over ten years. I suffered terribly form insomnia. It got so bad I had to take drugs from the doctor, Tamazepam. I found out later they were addictive. They made me feel worse than the lack of sleep! Eventually had to give up working nights, made me ill from lack of sleep. I understand how it feels.

    I will be back to read more of your blog, and I put you on my blogroll. Great to meet you.

  5. Thank you for the double comments in my blog today.

    It is cool for you to be color blind, gender blind.. :)

    Have A Nice Weekend.

  6. Very accurate and telling. I too have night-time sleep reluctance. I've taking meds and they help initially but seem to stop working for me. Love your thoughtful and precise imagery. Bless you! from AaronLivingston

  7. Always had insomnia, just never knew that is was a symptom for something else, not that something else is being treated, the insomnia is getting better, slowly. minutes feel like hours, hours feel like days. And it's true, it's all that you can do just to get through the day :( Nice one Billy, you've obviously been there

  8. nicely done. i have had periods of sleep probalems, particularly during stressful times. usually get us and read, or write...until it passes.

  9. thanks friends, sleeping issues is a big thing these days I appreciate all your views.... lets hope we get some sleep LOL..

  10. Out of everything I've seen you write: this is my favourite. I can empathise with you on this topic a lot, and I feel honoured to be reading something which has been so well written, making a condition (or indeed conditions) that's ugly seem so beautiful. That right there is a true talent - to turn even the most ugliest thing into something beautiful. Well, that's how I feel anyway. Keep up the good work!

    From, Audacity.


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