Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Don’t force me to eat I feel so fat
Throw it in the bin or give it to the cat
who says I'm thin I eat a lot
Please leave me alone you've never forgot.

You hound me make me feel I’m weird
I am not happy I'm often feared
My thinness is caused by undue stress
I know I do not fit that dress.

The doctor said I may well die
Just put it straight and do not lie
I weigh 5 stone my proper weight
don't try to force me its too late.

I am alone I hate myself
Too bad if I have lost my health
I cannot sleep my tummy roars
And to make it worse I'm getting sores.

It is my life I shall not eat
Don’t tempt me with that tasty treat
I cannot imagine a life of age
Hospitalized alone and full of rage.

Two stone now I feel so ill
Unable to swallow not even a pill
No one understands just how I feel
This disease to me is very real.

I told you from the start I was fat
but you just ignored me, that was that
everything I wear doesn't seem right
which is not helping my cause or plight.

If I had my life to live again
those feelings would be the same as then
I cannot help it if I have this disease
so let me suffer I implore you please!

Too late now I cannot go back
my liver is failing, kidneys slack
I cannot be fed even through my nose
time is slipping everyone knows.

Sixteen years of age a wasted life
never had the chance to be a mother or wife
tortured by an illness which grew in her mind
no cures or even medicine could she find.

I am fat, look I am getting fat, how many times do you hear that? I know I do, my daughter has the perfect figure and yet once in a while she will say, "dad do I look fat" I just laugh and say yeah babe your fat, however it isnt funny because so many young girls not so much boys are constantly going on about their figure, and fasting if they think they are putting weight on, this is serious, I blame media a lot for the way our kids are today, glossy mags with perfect models and they think yeah I wanna be like them?

Do you know of anyone who has suffered from this? have they recovered? would love to hear from you.

Picture courtesy of google and does not represent the girl in this poem


  1. popular topic,
    I don't know of anyone who suffer from being over son used to be a little over weight when he was in 5th grade, but after he plays baseball, he got slim and fit....

    people come in different shapes and sizes, we accept for who they are.

    thank you for the beautiful poem,
    it is packed with humor and flavors, very interesting read.

  2. Do you ever write a poem that isn't spot on brilliant and extremely important in society? Once again you have written something amazing, raising awareness of a very real issu.
    Having a best friend suffer (and recover!) from anorexia was extremely hard; and the thing is, people just don't get that it is an actual real mental illness!
    But you have perfected that, especially in your last verse.
    This poem is sad and touching - a hard issue to write about; so thank you for trying and succeeding, and thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Yes I have a husky and he is a boy named Timmy. He already enjoys the snow here. I am not giving him up he is my little baby. I know that weight is a hard thing for many girls. It is the media and other things that do it. I did not have that problem but I like any woman look at myself and try my best not to say much or compare. I have a young daughter and I do not want her to learn that. Have a great day..

  4. Again really topical! I get fed up with people telling me to put weight on, I can't help being small and skinny, I'd love to put on weight. I knew a girl who was quite ill with Anorexia for a very long time, it's a horrid mental illness. I love the fact that you can turn your pen to anything :)

  5. My friend's grand-daughter died from this. She always thought she was fat even when you could see her bones through her flesh. Thank you for sharing this outstanding poem with us, Billy.

  6. as always William, your poem hits straight to a mother's heart. I agree with you about blaming the media for glamorizing so much their versions of the "perfect figure".
    my daughters 9 and 7 yrs old, have been recently banned from watching such shows that are obviously paying homage to this certain image. my 9 yr old was hounding my 7 yr old about how fat she was getting, and i didnt even realize my 7 yr old had cut down her eating by half. i made it a point to show my girls what eating disorders do to a person and everyday i tell them how beautiful they are, and in fact the 7 yr old is now more confident than ever, and she will say things like "i know i am cute cause i am chubby"
    thank you for bringing to light such a dreadful disease William,

  7. when I saw this picture on google I questioned if it was real, my daughter said yes, I then asked her if she would like to look like this she squirmed, but there are a lot of girls who do, thanks friends for your input lets get the message across be who u are...


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