Tuesday, 12 January 2010


She was born to a Middle class family
taught by her parents to love and respect
but at school she was a tearaway
something at home they could never detect.

Susan lived the life of Jeckyl and Hyde
she was crafty and careful at home
to look at her you would think "butter wouldn't melt"
so with trust she was left to roam.

At school her language was appaulling
she bullied kids most of the day
being the centre of attention was her goal
and always getting her own way.

A particular girl she hounded daily
was traumatized beyond any doubt
terrified of school and the consequences
and the taunting which would come about.

The girl had to pay money to be left alone
doing without her lunch
no one suspected or noticed this
or even had a hunch.

Her friends thought she was cutting down
as she was classified as obese
Susan haunted and bullied her
and rarely did it cease!

The whole school was terrified of this girl
as hard as stone they thought
Teachers thought she was a "shining star"
the best kid they ever had taught.

Then one day the girl fought back
Susan was caught off guard
for someone who had lots of "power"
today she had the losing card.

Susan was exposed, her parents cried
"how could our child be so bad"?
"we taught her love, respect and kindness"
and gave her all we had!!

From that day Susan changed
she became a different girl
no more nastiness,cruelty or hate
she gave being nice a whirl.

She became best friends with the bullied girl
the friendship lasted for many years
when they thought back to the unhappy days
both of them shed some tears.

Some people change, some carry on
bullying throughout their lives
in workplace, home, or anywhere
and sometimes even their wives.

Do not put up with bullies
they are cowards and will always be
expose them to a responsible adult
and a change you may hopefully see.


 have you ever experienced being bullied? or perhaps when you were at school YOU were a bully? have you changed? would love to hear from you.

Picture courtesy of google and does not represent any of the girls in this poem..


  1. I was never a bully. But I did get picked on because I was short and the boys gave me a hard time. Saying "I was flat like the wall" or a shrimp. Oh well. It hurt but I learned it is not nice to be mean.

  2. Yes, I was bullied by street boys when I was in secondary school, I rarely bullied anyone, if someone ever think I did, that is because we have misunderstanding in between...

    Bullying hurts, teasing hurts,

    awesome poem.

  3. Great poem Billy. As you know from my many stories and poems when I was growing up I had zero tolerance from bullies. I was not a bully, instead I protected the kids that was getting picked on by bullies. Like you said, I found bullies to be cowards, and wouldn't stand up to anyone who was not afraid of them. You should have seen them run from me, and I was short and small at a young age. LOL Excellent poem my friend.

  4. Great poem; it's again another issue which is so important now as ever!
    I was bullied for a good few years by someone who started off as my best friend...and although I told people, and they told me how to stand up to her, she would always find new ways to undermine...in the end it took 2 more years of standing up for myself before she simply left me alone.
    Some people think that if you just stand up for yourself, or say "No" or people are aware, bullying will stop. That's often totally wrong - it takes a lot of hard work, and even then you are left in a dejected, worn out state.

    So thank you for bringing this attitude to people's mind, and sharing a poem which will really make a difference, and give hope!

  5. I was always the quiet one at school. Too quiet and unimportant to get picked on. Always mediocre, keeping my head down. I wish that I had stood up for someone I saw being bullied once. They had painted a moustache on him in permanent marker. I felt so bad, but it was worse really standing idly by and letting them do it.
    Very Topical William.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. tight. i was on the other end for many a year, something changed and while i did not bully i sure limited a few people, and then i grew up. bullying sucks.

  7. Incredible! You have nailed that whole "teachers can't see the bad side" thing. Their is certainly a duality at play many times.

  8. this is what happens when kids are left to their own vices, thanks friends I am sure its happened to everyone at some point...


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