Monday, 11 January 2010


Dear old Bess she’s made to rock
Done three times round the mileage clock
Squeals and grinding bouncing high
Turning around corners trying to fly.

Moving so slowly her body a state
Old and rusty with holes in her grate
Wheels all buckled trims all dirty
Passing a Ford whilst trying to be flirty.

Lights are dim bumpers all broken
Smoke pouring thickly pedestrians chokin’
Radio so old it gives you a blast
stations in Latin and memories past
Windows can’t open seats are a mess
Keep on rockin "my old darlin’ Bess.

Eventually she stops no will to live
Chugging and choking throttle I give
Old and tired she cannot go on
Engine going cold in the new light of dawn.

Taken to the scrap yard a cars resting place
Left in peace with etiquette and grace.
and when the time comes for you to be crushed
the machines will be gentle they won't be rushed.

The next time I meet you, you will be something new
a plate, a cup, or an ashtray coloured blue
but I know deep down it will be Bess
so beautifully crafted you won't be a mess.

The things you hold dear in life cannot last
everything deteriorates and always fast
but given care and love it can live long
be mighty in its stength and not go wrong.

Like dear old Bess in this story we are built to rock
if we are loved and taken care of around the clock
so look after one another make it last
because life around you dwindles all too fast.

The moral of this story is obviously clear
Hold on to something special that's loving and dear.

Not all in life is doom and gloom, can YOU remember your first car? how did you feel about it? what make was it? how long did you have it?
would love to hear from you. My first car was an Austin Allegro in the late eighties I loved that car to bits...


  1. My dad left me his Golf 1.8D just after he passed. I lived a year in that car lol, the cylinder head blew in September after a trip to Norfolk, and I had to sell it before re-locating. Absolutely amazing poem, it's true, we have nothing to hold on to apart from each other William. Friends never stop loving one another :) Another fantastic poem!

  2. My First Car "Corvair"
    Would never start.

    Marilyn Francis

  3. And that is a good moral and excellent advice Billy. Those things in life that is dear to you will always be a part of you long after they are gone, if you hold them close to your heart.

  4. had an 85 ford tempo. I so loved it much even though it was a lemon.
    Congrats on your awards..


  5. I don't recall the brand of my first car, but I was feeling horrible about it, because at that time, we can only afford an old car and I could barely breathe, kind of car sick, also not trusting the driver...
    now I am used to cars, I drive a Honda and very comfortable...only 4 years old, bought new in the beginning.

    thank you for bringing a car to life,

    a winning work.

  6. Dear Billy,
    I just loved this poem to pieces. What a wonder of imagery and sweet flow...quite like your first car! I never had a car of my own ... my dad let me learn on his '52 Chevy was grey on the top and kind of a cream color on the bottom. Of course it didn't have what every car had after that which was power steering and it had manual shift which was a real pain sometimes, especially going up a hill! That clutch was something but I was so proud that I was the only one in the family that my dad let drive his new '52 Chevy. I got my license using that car. Guess he felt me pretty trustworthy and I beamed when I was able to drive it. When George and I were married, he had a Hudson Hornet 1951. That was something, too. Oops, come to think of it, we swapped that car a week before we married for a 4-door Chevy, blue. It handled nicely. Yep, I remember well. Good thing it was a 4-door after we had 4 kids we swapped that one for a blue Station Wagon that drove like a baby!! Had the best steering I ever saw and I could back into any space so easily just by going by the fins! I think that was my favorite car. Bring up cars to me and I could write a book!!! Great poem and I enjoyed it immensely.
    Love to you and your family...time to eat supper. Hey, we bought Susan Boyle's album and what a treat. She sings so beautifully!
    Hugs and kisses,
    Helen & George sends a hug

  7. I can hear the music in this poem. Beautiful!

    This is my favorite part :

    “Dear old Bess she’s made to rock
    Done three times round the mileage clock
    Squeals and grinding bouncing high
    Turning around corners trying to fly.”

    Gerardine Baugh

  8. lol thanks friends, this was fun, but we really do respect what we own and thats great hope this includes humans.


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