Sunday, 10 January 2010


to Children who have "Children"

Peace on earth and mercy mild
Why can’t I not have my child?
Pressurised, made to feel un-pure
Morning after tablets may not always cure.

Leaving it too late to get advice
After eating well the human spice
Children so young immature in life
To be a partner let alone a wife.

Visits to clinics, adults all around
Losing your identity can it ever be found?
Ruining your life, so pure and true
Life full of trauma, feelings of blue.

A thirteen year old aged in a day
She has no rights or even can say
I want my baby, to live its life
I was born myself in violent strife.

Be protected and wise if things get hot
Whether right or wrong or often not
Babies are born too frequent these days
Children themselves end up ruined this way.

Educate yourself in matters of sex
Read all the books study the text
Speak to your parents be honest too
Your life will be better no more fool you.

Too many youngsters have kids these days, whats happening? they are only Children themselves.Is it lack of Education? lack of understanding them? or just plain silliness on their part, having a child at an early age can be traumatic for the young person involved, be careful, speak to someone, one moment of pleasure can turn into many years of being trapped and also losing your own youth.

Do you know of any Children who have had kids at an early age? I have and when I talk to them, although they do not regret having their baby, 9 out of 10 say they would have waited, lived their lives?


  1. You've got a talent for picking hot subjects to do poems on. Our culture revolves around sex. It's not surprising kids are responding at a young age.

  2. So sad children having children. As young as 9 year olds having babies, every time I hear or read about it I just want to cry. This world can not stand much longer, but it seems all kids see today on TV, and all around them is sex. Now it is on the internet too.

  3. Hello,

    I always learn and laugh when I visit this place, it is full of humors, wisdom, and serious issues that need to be reconsider or ponder...

    Nobel Prize Winning Work!

  4. my friend had her baby at the age of 15. she is now married with one child and another on the way. It is sad if someone has a child so young like at 9. Happy Sunday..

  5. scary stuff kids having kids. i work with kids and had a 15 year old boy with a 14 year old girlfriend that had a baby. they thought it would be fun and they love each other right? at least they did for 6 months...ack.

  6. Brilliant poem! Too young to be married and its a hindrance for career growth, yes it may motivate the person to strife and work harder but most cases would put a brake to most decision. As most parents would have more responsibility and will take lesser 'risk' resulting losing out on opportunities.

  7. There are far too many single mums out there, lack of education and reality has made it so, thanks for your input friends I am sure young mothers reading this will get some idea what its like having a baby at so young an age..

  8. we live in an area where the pregnancy rate in girls is one of the highest. Being in an organization trying to help the community - We are trying to create more programs (I hate that word) where young girls can get involved in activities that teach them to become women. Many of the girls in our area are being raised by grandparents or other family. The frame of refernce "my mother had me when she was 14." Thanks for the profound poem

  9. I believe that the reason so many children in the states are having children is because we say "Don't have sex," and then hand them a condom. We as adults send them conflicting messages. The entire thing is very sad! We should teach a child something and remain consistent in what we teach. It would help a lot. (Just my thoughts.)



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