Saturday, 9 January 2010



At fifteen Vanda was still a child
but her past was dreary and rough
her Mother and Father could care less for her
treated her with contempt and were tough.

Walking the streets at ten years old
no education or schooling had she
her life was in turmoil she knew nothing else
she supposed this was how it should be.

Her Mother was alcoholic her dad was on drugs
little brother was placed in care
for this little family in this day and age
life didnt seem very fair.

Living on benefits and money from drugs
was all they knew how to live
no love or harmony present in the home
for the children nothing they could give.

Vanda was only thirteen years old
when she was first arrested and charged
she had broken into a shop stole some sweets
her arrest sheet became so enlarged.

What motive had this girl to live
given all she ever knew was pain
sitting outside shop doorways at night
trying to keep out of the rain.

She was attacked for no reason many a time
by rough looking guys in Town
Vanda always managed to run away
in her filthy little dressing gown.

Then one day she met a girl
probably no more than sixteen herself
she wore fancy clothes lots of jewellery
not short of money or wealth.

Vanda wondered why this girl
stood at the same spot at night
scantily dressed plastered with makeup
never fearing from the dark without light.

Various cars stopped to pick the girl up
Vanda had no clue why this was
sometimes the same man, other times a stranger
some of them as old as Santa Claus!

She wondered why this girl wasn't afraid
because she was being driven away every night
Vanda remembered the man who attacked her
and gave her the most awsome fright.

The girls eventually got speaking
Vanda found out what the girl was
convinced this life was not for her
she could not join the cause.

Then one night she was standing there
a car stopped by her side
the driver was old, he propositioned her
asked her if she wanted a "ride"

The other girl beckoned her to enter the car
Vanda was dubious of this
she could not understand what she was doing
she supposed it was just foir a kiss!

The man attempted to touch her in places she didnt like
Vanda pushed his hand away
she tried to pull at the drivers door catch
she pulled it all the way.

The door flew open Vanda fell out
she was bleeding laying on the road side
another car stopped to help the girl
but it was too late she already died!!

No one bothered it was just another life
her parents didnt even bat an eye
for such a young girl with no family care
she was just left to survive or die.

This is a fictional poem, or is it? so many children are led into prostitution these days at an early age because they know no other life, they are either tempted into the industry or forced into it, personally I would rather die than allow my daughter to do this, but sadly not all parents care, but there are professionals in this world who do, so if you feel you are in this situation. talk to a responsible adult, or call the Social Services, your young life is precious, get help.

Do you know of anyone who has went through the above? if so I would love to hear from you, you do not have to leave your name you can comment anonymously...

Picture Courtesy of google and does not represent the girl in this poem....


  1. This one Billy tears my heart apart. Such emotional and saddest in this poem. I could feel this young girl pains from the beginning to the end. I just wanted to take that young girl in my arms and let her know someone cared and everything is going to be alright. Prostitution is also a problem in the USA.

  2. Hi William, this was well done and unfortunately, all to common. The one thing most people think, is that young girls and boys who end up in this terrible situation only come from backgrounds of poverty. The truth is, many are from middle class and upper middle class homes and the thread connecting all these scarred children, is abuse in their homes. Child abuse is why they run away and it is also why they are taken advantage of by monsters who are very much like the abusers they try to escape. It's good when I see writers who address this, because it's the only way awareness can have an impact to stop this horrible nightmare for children.

  3. a victim of drug using Dad and drinking Mom,
    inner city girl, she is forced to sell her body instead of her intelligence....

    money may not be a single factor here, but it is sad to a young woman to end up this way...

    nimble writing, novel mind, and ingenuous intention to bring awareness to a woman's condition such as this. powerful!

  4. tight piece today. i work with a group that helps children escape this life. for some it sems their only way. sad. great post man!

  5. Hard hitting William, extremely well written and I can empathise wholeheartedly with this girl. Thankfully some of us make it through to the other side xx

  6. So hard to read, and harder to digest knowing that this is the life many chldren live with.

    As always you do a great job putting words into a great poem ;)

  7. this was a very powerful poem and thought today. It is sad to say that children and many people go threw this. Have a great night. With the awards I gave out if you want you can just post them on your side bar and then had them out to other readers if you want. If you have any questions let me know.

  8. As ever your ability to bring awareness pressing yet delicate issues to the world through the medium of beautiful, thought provoking words, is brilliant.
    Thank you for sharing this, and bringing awareness to the issue.

  9. Sometimes kids are pushed into situations they have no option to get into, and thats sad, thanks friends for your valuable comments.


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