Friday, 8 January 2010


you bought me when I was a puppy
at first you loved me so
all of a sudden I grew up fast
then your parents wanted me to go.

I had bonded with you fully
poured my love into your soul
we played and played for hours
we each fulfilled a goal

But now I am larger we do not play
the notion has gone from you
I stay tied in the back Garden for hours
with nothing to play with or chew.

I do not get any excercise now
my coat is matted and all mud
no one cares if I live or die
and I often get a scud.

I did not ask to be taken away
from my mum and family
you offered to take good care of me
and play forever happily.

But now you all want rid of me
because I eat so much
if I promise to eat less, and just lay down
will you keep me here as such?

Now you have got a home for me
on a farm with a mean looking guy
he doesnt like dogs he scowls all the time
and beats me if I don't try.

I am left to sleep in a cold barn at night
with no company or anyone to love
I hope I am taken away tonight
and enter dog heaven above.

So much cruelty goes on all around
people should be ashamed and upset
DO NOT TAKE AN ANIMAL ON if you can't care for it
take it to a rescue home or back to the vet.

Dogs love humans but I do not know why
when they can are treated with utter contempt
put yoursef in thier position
how would you feel would you relent?

Then there are people special in this World
who take sheltered animals into care
God Bless these people they gain my respect
they allow pets to advance, and their RARE.

(scud is Scottish for thump or hit.....)

This is a very strong subject to me, Animal cruelty, its ZERO TOLERANCE as far as I am concerned, what right have humans got to mistreat pets or wild Animals, what have they done to you? Thankfully people like my friend on twiiter, takes these poor creatures in and loves and cares for them and to ladies like this I say "well done " you will get YOUR reward in heaven, and to those who are cruel to Animals of any kind you will also get your reward but in a different place.

Are YOU an animal lover? do you have any happy stories to share? would love to hear from you.

special thanks to Jan on twitter for the idea of writing this poem who herself has just taken in a new dog into her home....a rescue dog...

This is my wee one Carmen, loved and well looked after... like ALL animals should be..


picture is courtesy of Google, lets make a difference here!!!


  1. It's so sad when people mistreat animals. There are three things in life that makes me come unglued that is a child being abused, the elderly being abused, and anmimals being abused. I have always said and always will say when people mistreat them it is because they are weak and a coward, a chicken to take their frustrantion out on someone their own size, or someone who can take care of themselves and not afraid of them. In Florida they go to jail when they abuse animals and the law should throw away the key when they put them their.

  2. Powerful message, powerful writing. Thank you for sharing this with us, and raising the awareness of this horrific issue! I find animal cruelty simply disgusting; thank you for brining this attention to all.
    Your beautiful writing, and strong imagery will make many people think twice!

  3. inspring message, touching lines.
    animals are part of the universe, one shall never leave them unattended or abandoned, thank you for reminding poeple of this important issue.

    Your note empower people to stop, ponder, and regret, behave!

    Another Pivotal Work Beautifully done. :)

  4. thanks for linking up to my Round Robin. If you have a Valentine's Day poem come on back for next month. Come by any time...

  5. When I am not writing, I work as a dog groomer. There are people who I -wish- would chain their dog in the backyard and never do anything to it besides shove food at it. At least the dog would get some fresh air. At least the nails would have a chance to wear down instead of curling around into the paw pad. At least he kids aren't wrapping rubber bands around the dogs tail and leaving it until it self amputates. At least the dog isn't being screamed at and shook till its teeth rattles---by its mom!

    I've seen all of these things. Sometimes its a hard call between educating, accusing, and just plain calling the cops. Done all three of those too. >.<

  6. Very true. The "cuteness" of puppies diminished when they grow up and children would love them no more or no less. Parents need to educate the children but sometimes kids got their ways and means to arm-twist their parents. Nice poems love them all.

  7. I can barely make it through the poem (I adore animals and can't tolerate their neglect or abuse) - you express very well how animals are oftentimes viewed. Taken in, then discarded.

    I've always adopted older cats from shelters ~ the only kitten we've ever had is one we found, starving. That is a happy story - she's now 2 1/2 years old, Gypsy, and a lovely little cat!

    I Laud you for being able to write about this difficult subject.

  8. It beggars belief how ANYONE can be cruel to poor defenceless animals and if I had my way well I wont say it here, thank you friends for your kind comments


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