Wednesday, 6 January 2010


How does it feel growing old?
depending on your family and friends
losing your pride and self respect
no one understands or comprehends.

When you need help to do the chores
simple things all of a sudden are hard
sweeping with a broom, washing up dishes
even writing a name on a card.

Who said it would be easy?
when you were in your prime
just as young folks feel nowadays
you thought growing old was a crime!

Old folks you couldn't be bothered with
they were always getting in the way
jamming up queues in supermarkets
always having nothing to say.

An aroma of lavender hair in a perm
fashion went out long ago
the need to keep warm, counting the cost
terrified to walk in the snow.

Surviving on the minimum, nothing to eat
scared you will lose your own home
where would you go? no one cares
ending up on the streets to roam.

Some families care, but you want to be free
doing what you can if able
if you show your weaknesses in any way
you end up in a home sitting at a table.

Growing old gracefully means nothing these days
if you are fit, yes you will survive
but if attention is needed , you feel unable
is it worth being alive?

Left to degrade in an old folks home
beside people who gave up long ago
playing games, drinking with a straw
being taken for trips to and fro.

In the days of my youth I was in a war
to make this country stand proud
all the thanks I received were not forthcoming
no one shouted "thank you Ma'am" out loud.

Disrespected by the young, who have never lived
hurts you deep inside
I may be old, "useless now"
but I will always have my PRIDE.

A friend on Twitter was telling me about her mum, we got into a discussion and I decided to write this poem to remind everyone that we will ALL get old, we have no way of telling how that will affect us, but we need to bear in mind it WILL happen, so lets respect our older folks, I am sure a lot of them feel "useless" because what they were able to do most of their lives they cannot do now, its not because they do not want to its because the strength is there in mind but not in body.... LETS SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR THE ELDERLY.

How do you think YOU would feel if this was you?

Picture courtesy of Google and does not represent anyone I know.


  1. I love the way that you write about life. Getting old is something we all start to think about later in life. I for one pray that I will always be able to take care of myself. I think the key is not to give up, but keep going even when you don't feel you can. Awesome poem my friend.

  2. Good morning:

    As always, you stunning WORDS paint a vivid picture about old people's worries, expectations, fears, and hopes...

    another #1 poem!

  3. Hello William
    Really good post and so very touching!!! I took care of my Mom 2 and a half years it wasn't easy but God gave me what I needed. So very many of the Eldery are abused and misused it's sad because if we live we will see these times they do now! And it is scary!!! Thanks for stopping in I'll try to add you in my Blog roll.somtimes it works for me and at others it don't lol.Pttyann

  4. Strangely, the idea of living in an assisted care facility doesn't bother me. >_> Despite being in the first quarter of my life, I even have one in mind should disability strike me and force me into such a position.

    You're a good poet. I'm glad you've shared your work.

  5. friends, we will get old one day cant stop it, wonder how we will be treated? thanks a lot, comments appreciated.

  6. I love your poetry William. Feeling as though you are needed and that you have purpose is an essential component to happiness. And no one wants to feel dependent upon another. Simple things such as having the freedom to drive a car, must be very difficult. Your independence slips slowly away. But most of the elderly that I know are actually content. And "old" today sure isn't what it used to be. I know a few in their eighty's who have more exciting lives than I do. By the grace of God they are living each day to "their" fullest. Wether it be just doing crossword puzzles or having tea with friends and talking about good memories. Some even enjoy traveling and such. Happiness lies in the heart. God bless them!
    They do have their worries and cares. Like they say, A parent can take care of five children but a child "sometimes" has difficulty caring for one parent.
    Who be this man? Someday it be you. (And me)

    Thank you for this very touching post. :)
    All the Best,


  8. not an ounce, but its better than a full fledged kolkata monsoon. :)
    after last year's drought it seems we are about to have a normal monsoon- our fingers are crossed :)

    loved the beautiful, warm poem. you guys sure deserve a beautiful summer after that freezing winter.

  9. your blog is again depriving us from posting comments, the previous one was for today's post. :)


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