Friday, 1 January 2010


Fresh droplets of rain fall from the trees
the sun edges in from the East
magical dancing of birds on branches
culminates in an ocular feast.

You don't have to venture far to see beauty
its around you wherever you are
grass growing, trees towering
is nature at its best by far.

Flowers growing, shrubs evolving
standing proud between aged trees
how they managed to grow in this clime
is amazing as everyone sees.

Virgin land unspoilt by man
determined to eradicate all life
make shops, apartments, or shopping malls
making it easy for every man and his wife.

But we say NO, leave well alone
so creatures can live in peace
knock down the old, then build the new
allow nature a slow release.

Before too long there will be nothing left
for children and generations to follow
they won't know what nature is
sad lives, empty and hollow.

Birds, bees, insects, wolves ,foxes and badgers
want to survive in their natural scene
if nature is defaced nothing will survive
and who will know they have even been?

Educate your children, say NO to concrete jungles
after all we should have our say
we are the people who put Governments in power
so don't let them have their OWN WAY.

This poem was inspired by my dear friend Gerardine. A nature lover  and Author, Gerardine writes off nature in every aspect, as well as animals dear to her heart, lets imagine life without nature? can you? I cant.I want generations to follow to realize that before long if man has his way the only nature we will have left is a garden box full of man made flowers outside your concrete jungle, no trees, no grass, nothing but concrete, doesn't bear thinking about....

to sample what beauty is, please visit Gerardines blog  to get lost in nature and realize what we have is worth keeping....
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  1. Lovely poem & , I agree! It surprises me when people complain "there's nothing out here" when there are wide stretches of open land on long drives. I say, "Thank goodness there's 'nothing'!"

  2. This is a smiling, happy, jumping poem,
    with great admirations devoted to
    our shared friend

    Glad to read this cute and magical poem,
    very uplifting, super appealing.

  3. I love nature Billy. On the farm that I grew up on, as you know by my poems we had lots and lots of land to run, play, and learn on. Most of my free times were spent in the woods or in a tree. Best tree climber miles around us. LOL I agree our kids miss out on a lot of things these day. Cutting down all our trees is backfiring on those big companies who is money hungry and want to build and build houses and stores on top of each other. Nature is now saying it is pay back time. Outstanding work my friend.

  4. Brilliant poem!! I am so happy that my words can inspire you. I hope that our words inspire others to notice the beauty in nature and how it disappears so easily.

    I love the entire poem. It's message needs to be heard! The very first part, felt like music!

    “Fresh droplets of rain fall from the trees
    the sun edges in from the East
    magical dancing of birds on branches
    culminates in an ocular feast”

    Thank you, William we both share in the love of Nature.

    Gerardine Baugh

  5. what a great team the 4 of you make. I hope you can forgive me for being an irritant.

    And Jingle i hope you know why I referenced your pen name as a title to a video clip (cause I don't know why I remember such seemingly random shit)

    I guess it was to point me towards Moroni

  6. thanks again friends, we don't want everything concrete, what would Gerardine do lol.:)


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