Wednesday, 27 January 2010


The moon hovers
in the clear Black sky
stars glistening
naked to the eye.

Planets visible
millions of miles away
orbiting each other
as if they were at play.

Wonders of excitement
could they be out there?
a vast solar system
so huge you can but stare.

Do you think we are alone
in this vast Galaxy of ours?
or do beings site and watch
in their gigantic glass towers.

We read of visits to our Planet
but there is no concrete proof
trying to sort the fake from the silly
capturing "saucers" from a roof!

Too many sightings are verified
explained to keep us amused
will we ever get the truth?
or will everything be excused?

I keep an open mind
perhaps it may be true
are we alone in this Universe?
my friends its up to YOU.

I like to think we are "not alone" in the vast array of the Galaxy, but are we? do you think there is life on other Planets? Have you sen or experienced anything terrestrial? Or do u know someone who has?


  1. Awesome poem my friend. I feel we are not along because we are surrounded by God's angels. Some of them are spirits that we can not see and some of them are humans we can see. Some of my friends believe the government is not telling us everything they know. They do believe in aliens, and some belive in recarnation. Although all these things are thrilling and interested to me, I only believe in God and his angels, and if you believe in God then you also believe there is a devil and he too has angels on earth.

  2. Hello,

    Beautiful poem, it is shorter, but very pleasant to read...

    I keep an open mind,
    pefhaps it may be true,
    are we alone in this universe,
    my friends is up to YOU.

    These lines open up everyone's mind,
    I am not a scientist, I have No evidence of scientific research on this, but I am thrilled to hear this question, and believe that there may be lives outside earth, we are energy, the sun, the moon, and the milky way moves, thus the whole universe is a live body itself, floating in the space and, yes, there are upright power above us, which os GOd, it depends which religion one chooses, justice will always win, it is a matter of time...

    Thank you for the unstoppable force in poetry,
    Best Wishes for your day.

  3. I really like the idea that we are not alone too but rather scary huh? lol
    Oh no, now my imaginations are running wild
    Lovely writing.

    visit me at my other blog too, ?

    p.s are a real writer! How sexy and cool is that?

  4. i like the idea that we are not alone as well. i look up into the night skies and can not imagine all that space and just us.
    wonderfully put, as always.

  5. Were definitely NOT alone!! All those other planets, all those other stars, somewhere up there are "people" just like us. They could have evolved differently, look differently but they will definitely be sentient! They may already be among fact I think Alistair is alien sometimes lol!!

  6. Hi William,

    I believe the law of averages points to us not being alone in the universe. Imagine how many planets there are and how many stars there are capable of supporting life, and it seems crazy to deny there are others in the universe.

    I believe the human race will one day be contacted. Let's hope they're peaceful. Le's hope we've given up fighting amongst ourselves by then. Because if they're not peaceful, we'll certainly have a fight on our hands. There'll be no time to fight each other then.

    Great post William.

  7. I really do not know. If so I want an E.T. to visit me..

  8. I love this setting soooo much,
    it brightens my day when I come here,
    you are doing simply unbelievably great,
    age does not matter,
    your mindset counts,
    your attitude matters,
    and your livelihood shines...

    what an amazing shift in settings
    and in mood...

    triple cheers, ;) :) :)

  9. William the picture caught my eye! Oh the poem is so delightful I so enjoy Scifi and outer space I too often wonder if there is other life out there with so many beautiful planets. Thanks William Viola did contact me,and my URL for wordpress should work :D.

  10. thanks friends very interesting, hope we can prove it sometime in our lifetime :)


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