Thursday, 28 January 2010


I have met so many friends
who mean the World to me
writing is their passion
for all the World to see.

The first I met was Gerardine
who writes about Nature and life
her witing is so superbly done
a must to escape from strife.

Then I met the intelligent Jingle
passionate about everything she writes
interacting with all her readers
spending countless hours and nights.

Our Blog family grew and flourished
new people come by the day
extending the hand of friendship
commenting and having their say.

Amy's Blog is fun packed
centered on her Family and friends
never a dull moment over there
always setting brand new trends.

Welcome new friend Lily
hard working mum of six
as well as catering for her family
her blogs contain a mix.

Recently we were told
about our Paul and Val
two friends who are man and wife
and everybodys pal.

A new friend to be proud of
Pat is her name
The Lord is her motive
she thanks for her fame.

Then we have the lovely Cindy
in touch with teenage life
her blogs are there to help you
whether you be a mother or wife.

To add to the longest of lists
Beth is a new talent found
her poetry is awsome check it out
I am glad I popped around.

Then we have Brian at Waystation one
a remarkable writer to view
he is kind and considerate, will read your work
and leave a comment for you.

Along with the above
we have the talented KJ
her poetry is an example
to brighten up your day.

Sue owns poetic Blogosphere
a lady of talented prose
her writing infects your very soul
as her passion for poetry grows.

And what about the delightful Kathy
always has your interest at heart
her messages are so inspiring
you don't know were to start.

A new friend met on twitter
moondustwriter is her name
her poetry is fantastic
never sounding the same.

Another new friend from twitter
Becky Wilson is her name
her historic stories fascinate me
Norse culture is her game.

Then we have Grace
a young able writer
her posts are magnificent
and make your days lighter.

 I would like to mention
another of my special friends
Daniel's Haikus are exciting
making words set trends.

And finally we have Crystal
just joined our Blogging crew
her stories are awsome and refreshing
and so is her daughters too.

This mention is to a special friend
who does not own any blogs or site
she has been special to me for many years
an Author in her very own right.

Viola Tabor is her name
my best friend for many a year
she has supported me through thick and thin
and our friendship will always be dear.

Her poems can be found on the public page
this Lady loves God very much
she never tires of family or friends
and rarely tires as such.

So there we are a lengthy list
of talented people Worldwide
this list will get even larger
and our friendship will never subside.

This poem is for the Jingle 4 U Thursday entry and I decided to mention ALL my friends who have joined me personally,and my SPECIAL FRIEND VIOLA TABOR. You have all supported and been very kind to me since I started my Blog in December 2009, this poem celebrates my friendship to you all and I hope we continue to grow into 2010.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who has commented on my work...

Please note....If your name doesn't appear here its because you recently joined,after I wrote this poem, your little poem will be added be assured...:)


  1. That was really lovely, it is obvious that you value your friendships immensely and the feeling is mutual. Best wishes for a successful blogging career!

    CJ xx

  2. i feel a bit like we are on our way to gilligan's maybe it is williams island. so glad to have met you and to be included in that list...

  3. Billy this poem is just simply awesome, and you made me feel like I have known your new friends all my life. You my best friend are very speecial to me and my family. As a matter of fact we consider you as a family member. The kids loves their Uncle Billy. I couldn't think about another day going by without you being part of it. Thank you for the wonderful words you wrote about me, I feel the same about you my friend. I will pop over and take a look at some of your friends blog when I have a few extra minutes. I have been on Gerardine from BWOP but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment. I also went on Ji's and couldn't figure out how to leave a comment. But you know me and my old age. My mind doesn't work as well as it once did. I will give it a try again soon. Sending you lots of hugs from Krystal and Jason. By the way Jason reads your poetry for his reading homework sometimes.

  4. Good Day, William:

    From the day I kmnow you, you never disapoint but encourage, teach, cherish, and support me, you are a priceless friend to know and have, I wish all of my readers can come here and read your poem, and get to know how powerful your poetry is to our society, how invaluable your friendship means to everyone in the community, you never let me know for a second, which is
    what I call "heavenly" gift I ever received from anyone outside my family...

    Professor William Manson Is Cool,
    If you are kind to him,
    He is kinder to you,
    If you treat him fair,
    He treats you more fair,
    I have so much joy with this poet,
    No need to doubt,
    Or Hesitate,
    No need to vote,
    Or withhold,
    Be true
    He will be True
    To You

    Master piece on friendship and
    timeless poem for all to enjoy.

  5. aww Thank you so much for the mention, I am SO honored!!

    You are a very special person my friend, You speak the truth from your heart and that is a quality that many lack.

    Have a great week ;)
    b.t.w. I love what you've done with the place ;)

  6. Thanks so much for the kind words. You brought tears to my eyes. I am so excited to see all these names. I am sure I will have a lot of great poetry to read! Hope you have a beautiful day!


  7. Dat was soo sweet :) This a very special thing to write :)I sure all the authors must be beaming ear to ear.

  8. It is so wonderful the way you've honored your friends here I know they all feel your love!!!!

  9. Hello,

    How are you?
    It is raining ice in my place, but your blog is dry, clean, beautiful, and inviting...

    What A Pleasant Place To visit and Share Joy!

    You Are Cool.

  10. Gr8ful for you and what a friend you are to all of us!!!!
    couldn't do this without this growing group of friends - like YOU!!!!

  11. I really feel like you all are my adoptive family!I've never had a family in real life, so this is awesome!! Billy and Jingle bought us all together. I'm so blessed to have a mention in your poem, honestly, the truth is we are the lucky ones, for you bring us smiles and virtual hugs daily. Thanks Bill, Really made me S*M*I*L*E!!<3

  12. Oh William this was so nice to read. Thanks for all of your kind words. Have a great day..

  13. Hey William,

    Thank you so much for your kind words, and your friendship. I's been great meeting you and getting to know you through your poetry. You are an encouraging voice in the vast world of the internet, and for me, a little reminder of the land of my birth.

    I enjoy reading your poetry mate, and I must say I love your new blog design and layout.

    Have a great night my friend. Take care.


  14. Thanks William for the honor here!!!! :D I do appreciate it!!!! Also I will be doing my poems and other post at I'll also let Jingle know.

  15. Wow William! You are quite talented! I love how you were able to include all of your blog friends and a special characteristic about each of them! You are quite clever! Continued success!

  16. You are as wonderful a human being as you are a writer William and it's been such good fortune to have connected to you. :)

  17. I love your poem
    I really do!
    I think it says
    a lot about you!

    You have the charm
    You have the grace
    To make your readers
    get a big SMILE on their face!

    Have fun!

  18. Dear friends, I am in awe, THANK YOU ALL for your cheery responses thats why I adore you all, and to all our new friends WELCOME :) have a Blogtastic day :)

  19. Dear William, Many people touch your life some touch your heart, you are one who touches my heart. You are a very kind and talented man who cares about people and life. I am blessed to have met you and to have you on my journey in life. Thanks for helping support my work it really means the world to me my friend!

  20. :) <--says it all really

    btw, i'm loving the new look!

    Thank you!!!!!

  21. How sweet and wonderful! The celebration in your words with that perfect picture just adds happiness to my day!!
    I am glad I got my bog view fixed. I needed to read one of your poems, they do more than convey emotion, they make me think!
    I added this fast, I should stop and edit, but Uriah is crying and wants to come in..:-)

    There is one, whose name is at the top
    Our William, our Billy with his poetic hands
    Words of life and wisdom written nonstop

  22. That was the most lovely tribute to friends I've ever read!

    Wish that you continue gaining new friends everyday.. Real friends are rare to find.. :)

  23. Awww that was really sweet and thoughtful :)


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