Sunday, 31 January 2010


Arthur Seat Edinburgh

It lies at the Centre of Edinburgh
a spectacular mass of beauty
originally a much alive Volcano
carved in areas of ingenuity.

Arthurs seat this volcano was named
as the Kings seat was carved in the land
tourists pour in by the dozen
snapping this landscape so grand.

When you climb to the top as I have
you will see a glorious sight
Edinburgh the City is dynamic
even more gracious by night.

The lochs at the seat are beautiful
birds spend a lifetime there
at one point there used to be sheep
grazing rich grass growing fair.

This great structure gave Edinburgh its shape
six hundred and fifty acres of land
in the distance there is music
coming from the Castles pipe band.

This is a must for all you travellers
the beauty is too grand to miss
rich in architecture and lovely people
Scotland is too beautiful to dismiss.

So if you ever want to travel
Scotland is a must
it will take you a while to consume
and for the lingo to adjust.

Scotland will always be my home
no matter where I go
once you see this gorgeous country
your love for it will flow.
a view of the City from Arthur's Seat

I was asked by a friend on twitter @walkscotland to write a poem about Arthurs seat well here we are, the pictures are of Arthurs seat in Edinburgh my home Town born and bred, honestly folks its beautiful, a City worth visiting so if you have plans to travel, go to Scotland you will enrich yourself with beauty and culture, as well as History.

Have YOU ever been to Scotland? if so what did you enjoy? would you go? what is your favourite holiday destination?


  1. By reading the poem and seeing the pictures I would love to come to someday for sure. Right now in our house we want to go to Disney World that is all my little one says. We hope to take her someday when she is three. Wait I hear her saying she wants to go to Disney World to her Daddy. Can she sense I am thinking the same thought..

    Happy Sunday..

  2. LOL thanks Amy even I want to go to Disney Land LOL so the kids are quite right hehe Happy Sunday :)

  3. Hello,

    under a genius such as you, the poem ia painted as a perfect picture and attraction for the public to view and admire, nobel prize winning work.

    No, I have never been to Scotland before, maybe later when I have the opportunity..

    beautiful post.

  4. Thank you dear Jingle for your inspiring comment makes me happy :)
    Scotland only comes second to your beauty xx

  5. My dear William,
    You are the first Scottish I ever have the pleasure of knowing.
    Scotland is definitely a place I would love to visit someday with my family.
    "When you climb to the top as I have
    you will see a glorious sight
    Edinburgh the City is dynamic
    even more gracious by night."
    The best places in the world do have wonderful night views right?
    Such a beautiful post, William.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    You are such a wonderful person.
    Would you like to visit Malaysia someday?

    p.s would you like to visit my blog to see my grandnephew? tell me what you think?

  6. Thanks for your kind comment Shakira will visit your blog soon :)

  7. i have never been though i would love to go...even more so with the picture that you paint so well with your words.

  8. One day I pray that I will be able to visit Scotland. I found out that my father's people came from Scotland so that means I have scotish blood my friend. Why shuck we may be cousins somewhere down the line, now wouldn't that be neat? LOL Love this awesome poem Billy.

  9. To Billy, Donna, Jason, and I made Valentine's Cards last week for the hospitals and nursing homes so we got free tickets to any of Disney's Parks. We are going to Disney World next month. The best part is we only have to pay for Krystal, and since we only live forty five minutes to an hour away we don't have to pay for a hotel. Isn't that neat? Disney is doing this for Florida residents this year only. They call it, "Give a Day, Get a Day." So if any of you live in Florida and you haven't heard about this check out their web site. They have a list of community services to be done. Something for everyone, depending on what you like doing.

  10. Thanks brian...

    When the kids are ill they take top priority, so its only natural dads going to be absent.Appreciate u taking time out to visit here.

  11. Viola..
    Thanks cousin lol, thanks for posting this vi, I am sure there are guys who dont know this in your area :)

  12. William how wonderful and "vivid" is this poem!!!! I to would love to visit and of course see Arthur's Seat I also enjoyed the pictures. :D

  13. Thank you Pat, I appreciate your visit xx

  14. I wish your day go well,
    Always try to match the uplifting spirits in real life too, stay cool,
    be happy,
    which is important to you.


  15. I have long wanted to go to Scotland. I even tried for a scholarship to travel abroad and study literature there. I haven't made it yet. But Arthur's Seat and Edinburgh are definitely on my list now. Thank you for the poem.

  16. I've never been to Scotland, but I love the beauty that you have shown me in this magnificent pictorial and poetic view of your dear home. It's just lovely and I would love to roam the countryside as well as see the larger cities in Scotland, especially Edinburgh. Your imagery is divine, flow is sweet and your rhyme is always beautifully done. Blessings, Helen

  17. Great poem, yet again!



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