Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Why was I born in this mixed up life
with hatred, fighting, and fear
for as long as I can remember
mom's shed so many tears

scared to sleep a wink at night
shaking and forlorn
wind howling behind the window pane
through curtains worn and torn

fateful steps entering loudly
panic in her voice
looking at my fearful face
knowing she has no choice

drunken brawls prospects dull
voices at full flight
toiling to sleep holding my ears
inevitably they fight.

blackened eyes bloody mouth
her face so full of pain
wind a gusting through the house
floor flooded with drenching rain.

sorry's come once again
with the dawning of the day
too young to shout , or cry for help
too nervous to ever say.

mom is crying her face a mess
determined and brave once more
pulling the glass from the broken window
wiping blood from the kitchen floor.

I feel so helpless scared to breathe
hating when nightfall will come
imagining happiness laughter and cheer
whilst wishing I owned a real gun!

I am sure we all have either friends or family who are going through this just now or have had experiences of this in the past, time to STOP, abuse  ZERO TOLERANCE

do YOU know of anyone who has went through this or perhaps YOU have went through this, help someone else by telling us how YOU got away from this


  1. you've depicted this very well indeed... shadow...

  2. Great poem on domestic abuse. I could feel the horror growing in that poor child. Excellent poem! mary naylor

  3. when fights occur often at home, wife is the one who holds most fears, readers of this poem, please call locale Demons tic violence center to check if they need some items donated, I dropped a full trunk of stuff the other day, they always need help such as toys, shoes, bikes, coats...

    great Reminder that a good course could make a difference! jingle.....

  4. I can relate to this poem Billy because I worked in a domestic abuse shelter until it was closed down because of lack of funds. It was very heartbreaking and sad, but most of all it broke my heart to see what the poor kids went through seeing their mom getting badly hurt by their dads or mom boyfriends. The sadest part was to see them go back their abuser when the cuts and brusies heal. And very often broken bones. You poem should be posted all over world in these shelters, papers, everywhere you can post it. Great job in penning it my friend. viola

  5. “DOMESTIC ABUSE” Very emotional piece, my stomach knotted when I read it.

    The sad, sad point is the person being abused stays. Whether there are kids or not, that person needs to leave. But, they don’t see it, the abuser said, they were sorry and it wouldn’t happen again.

    I know people who went through this for years. Low self-esteem, probably..

    Still very sad, even worse for the people around them, you can’t make a person do something they don’t want to. Even if it will save their life..

    Wonderful poem, filled with emotion! Favorite part:
    “sorry's come once again
    with the dawning of the day
    too young to shout , or cry for help
    too nervous to ever say.”

    Gerardine Baugh

  6. lets hope its ZERO tolerance thanks friends for your kind comments..


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