Tuesday, 15 December 2009



Ever wondered what it's like trying to SURVIVE

animals have that right so lets keep them ALIVE

let them escape people who hunt for fun

never really knowing when and if they shoot the gun.

Asking to be spared without having a voice

pleading with intelligence who really have a choice

wishing to be spared to roam and freely live

but the question on my lips is, DO ANIMALS FORGIVE?

We kill them for thier meat needing to survive

how dare we think animals have a right to be alive!

I wonder if they think out loud "we do not hunt for man"

but maybe in the future that might be thier plan.

They hunt amongst themselves they have to kill to eat

only cos they have to not because of a treat

getting pleasure killing animals is pityful and sad

we teach our children daily that animals aint bad.

God made this earth for all life to live hand in hand

I don't think he realised what man had secretly planned!

we need to live aside the animals we love

from elephants to tigers and flying turtle doves.

To hunt animals for profit is tragic and a waste

It's bad enough murdering them for palates of human tastes

when we see there's nothing left will we be content?

or will we seek out other life to help the sporty gent? 

Kill animals for food as we need to survive

but for pleasure and profit KEEP THEM ALIVE.

How do YOU feel about animals?, tell me your story....


  1. This poem is outstanding, heartwarming, and an emotional poem Billy. I too like the lines, "Kill animals for food as we need to survive, but for pleasure and profit Keep Them Alive." Also I would like to add that there is only certain animals that was intended for us to eat for food. We feel so much better when we eat mostly fruits and vegetables and nuts. I love to get me a plate of raw vegetables to snack on. Like cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. Jason and Krystal loves to eat like that with me. I do hope anyone who reads your poem will let it speak to them. Viola

  2. This is very good. I read it over and over, a critique won’t add to this. Except for, "realise," should have a z.

    Favorite part, “Kill animals for food as we need to survive
    but for pleasure and profit KEEP THEM ALIVE”

    Direct and to the point. Great poem
    Gerardine Baugh


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