Tuesday, 15 December 2009


based on an idea by Bruno a friend on Twitter.

Here we are another Christmas
when folks get desperate to please
who cares were the money comes from
hopefully it will grow on trees!

Credit cards maxed,loans taken out
Bank Managers rubbing their hands
Credit card bosses getting out the champers
or of somewhere warm to beachy sands.

Kids want the best of gear
regardless of what it will cost
not aware that the economy is slow
or that their dads jobs are lost.

Credit crunch biting, homes being taken
because thousands of jobs are no more
but still mums pack the shopping in
laden when they get in the door.

How will they pay for Christmas this year?
by getting into debt once more
the only winners are the fat cat creditors
with high interest rates they adore.

Working class people do what they can
to make their day full of cheer
and even if all they can afford is a sandwich
they will chase it all down with a beer.

So Merry Christmas folks don't despair
you will be paying for it till next year
to keep up with the Jones costs an arm and a leg
but for the panic and dread its all clear.

This poem is not to put Christmas down, but to make people aware that year after year people get into debt to spend money as if it is going out of fashion, yes the kids want everything, yes you want to give them the best Christmas ever, but stop to think how you will pay for it all, going back when I was a child my mom and dad paid for Christmas right up until the following Christmas because all they could do was borrow money to get us decent presents, and they were, but these days kids want too much and depend on Christmas to get what they have always wanted, its not their fault its the peer pressure and the whole build up to Christmas on the media. so as well as thinking about kids who get nothing, think about how you are going to manage in a climate of debt rising and credit cards maxing...

Did you overspend at Christmas? tell me your story...


  1. There is so much truth to your poem my best friend. Larry and I have been there and done that too for our kids. I have also done it once with Jason when he was smaller, but for the last five years if I don't pay cash for it then I don't buy it. Unless it is something really big like a computer or furniture. But the grandkids get more than enough, by the time my oldest daughter and a few of my friends buy for them too. I have to say we have been very blessed. Most of all I choose to remember it is Jesus' birthday that we celebrate, and I have always believed it is better to give than to recieve, I teach my grandkids that as I did Donna, Sara, and Cindy. I love Christmas but like you I don't like the meaning of Christmas that people has of Christmas today, which is spend, spend, spend. I love homemade things myself. I tell my girls that all the time. Viola

  2. If everyone would keep repeating these two lines, maybe less spending would occur, and more holiday cheer and family time.

    “So Merry Christmas folks don't despair
    you will be paying for it till next year”

    Your advice is sound. I had a Christmas club account, where I would put a little away each week. Buy on sale, with cash or not at all. Give gifts that have meaning, knit a scarf, or give a candy bar, I like candy! The dinner itself can put a dent in your pocket.

    Gerardine Baugh


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