Tuesday, 15 December 2009


to people who remember the past,but live for the future.

It's time to rest
my bones are weary
eyes are heavy
and almost teary.

Thinking of
days gone by
Familiar sounds
Old tastes to try.

A time when people
always cared
No one criticized
hardly stared.

Neighbours helped
their fellow man
children played
and often ran
playing ball
singing loud
wearing new costumes
walking proud.

Drugs and violence
hardly known
plenty of work
veg home grown.

Streets were safe
for woman and child
Summer's were warm
and never mild.

Policemen walking
the streets at night
Hardly a whisper
rarely a fight.

Horses trotting
in the fresh morning dew
clinking of bottles
the milkmen accrue.

Barking of dogs
Squealing crows
home from a party
sneaking tip toe.

Factories alive
with industrial sound
watching the boy
with his papers go round.

sleeping so soundly
trapped in the past
can it be forever
no it can't last.........

Everyone eventually has to get old..


  1. hiya, those were the days... and thank you for your visit! shadow...

  2. very smooth flow when reading it, born from bottom of heart, excellent portray of feelings missing old days, while living for future.

    Keep it Up! .jingle

  3. Oh, Billy, I just love this poem. It sure took me back in time. I didn't won't the poem to end. I have been thinking all morning about the Christmas' that I had growing up. They were so different from the way people celebrate it today.

  4. Dear Billy, Loved your nostalgia poem.! It brought back memories. Mary Naylor

  5. I could hear the sounds of the past.

    “clinking of bottles the milkmen accrue”

    I like this poem. It left me with a happy-sad feeling. Glad I remember those days, and even better- Glad I’m here to say that. Great writing!

    Favorite line:
    "home from a party
    sneaking tip toe."

    Gerardine Baugh

  6. thank you all for your kind comments..


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