Tuesday, 15 December 2009


She knew the day would finally come
when McGregor would predominantly fall
his lifestyle and his love of liquor
was an issue and not the least small.
At an early age he hit the booze
not knowing any other life
no one imagined the reason at all
he had time to take on a wife?.
Mary was delicate and petite to a point
she was invisible for the eye to see
just why she took on this massive task
she was within her rights to flee.
She tried in vain to change McGregor
but old habits died very hard
even producing five handsome sons
with another one on the cards..
The violence came, the abuse started
this petite flower was duly drained
scared when he eventually came home
their marriage was now strained.
His womanising and alcohol addiction
finally came to a head
his antics and blackouts
eventually he would be dead.
Mary watched as her lover detached
from her and all of their kin
McGregor wanted nothing from them
just booze, even raked the bin.
Eventually the old man died
and on his tomb it said
"being dependant on booze is no way to live"
give it up and live one more day.

This is fiction but has YOUR life been ruined with alcohol?


  1. Billy my friend, you know how much I love this poem. Every time I read it I say to myself " God sure has given Billy a awesome gift for writing." Good job my friend. viola

  2. Very nicely written! I like how you ended it with what was written on his tomb, words the wife or kids add; “give it up and fight one more day”

    Gerardine Baugh
    My poetry Path (in progress)


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