Wednesday, 30 December 2009


At an early age she knew her fate
before she could decide for herself
some are born to be hard done by
while some can help them self.

She married at sixteen with three kids in tow
knowing nothing, never being without child
never learning to be free or let her hair down
or to run carefree in the wild.

A husband who abused her and, drank all their money
he was out most times of the week
while she cared for the children twenty four seven
terrified and too frightened to speak.

Then one day she decided to change
she had had enough of her life
a very young girl struggling to live
and trying to be a good wife.

she tried to stand up to her bully of a man
but she was battered to a pulp if she spoke
the children would scream in terror each night
as they watched their mum bruised and broke.

For sixteen years she was embarrassed and belittled
till one day she could stand it no more
she decided to try and escape with the kids
and one night she went out the door.

She was found after two nights in a woman's shelter
her hubby was supposedly in remorse
she fell for his charms and his promises
she returned to their home off course.

After only three days he got worse than ever
the beatings were more severe than before
she turned to her family and was told once again
you know how to get to the door.

Alone and scared more for the kids than her
she decided there was only one way out
the good side said leave, the other said stay
she knew what this was about.

That fateful day she took her life
as she never saw any other way
the kids went into care that day
the dad never did have a say.

He died three years later alone and broke
a tear ran down his reddened cheek
he thought long and hard at what he once had
all gone and within one lousy week.

The kids had a better life they say
but the older ones remembered their mom
they regretted the day they were ever born
and the day their mom met tom.

this poem is fictionor is it???
How many people do YOU know in this situation??


  1. Heart-felt story about a 16 years old girl's life beinf a mother to 3,...

    Children know things better, they knew their mother's hardships and tried to make things better for her....

    Stunning, classical, and First-class lines!

    Being a widow is hard, but life has taught her to be smart, be strong, and prevail eventually.

    I highly admire your view of life on women in similar conditions, things are much better now because the hardwork done by people like YOU!
    Keep it up!:)

  2. Very heart broken poem my friend. As you know I have seen it all with the work that I did in the Domestic Abuse Shelter. Also I would like to add that men too are sometime victims of domestic abuse. Outstanding and very emotional poem my friend.

  3. Sad! The worst part is when we see this happening we have no power to stop it. The person it is happening to has to walk away.
    Saddest part:
    "she fell for his charms and his promises"

  4. Domestic abuse ZERO tolerance, thanks friends for your insight, comments deeply appreciated.

  5. That's so sad :( Brilliantly written, William!

  6. Sad and tragic

    well written


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