Friday, 18 December 2009


to anyone who has been there!

How do I escape this world I live in?
drugs and booze so easy to give in
arms all holes blood so rare
hospitalised often where people stare.

Escapeing reality its time to go
no friends I have just a nameless foe
flying so high planets in sight
pupils dilated blackness of night.

Feelings of gladness escape from it all
humanity extinct I wont ever fall
Seeing the stars from statuelike state
empty forlorn and now its too late.

Happiness oozing from a vial of pleasure
costing the earth for an equalled measure
lining the pockets of people who hurt
substances attractive and able to flurt.

Passing of strangers put out by this life
sheilding the kids and protecting the wife
looked at as lepers a disease they will get
streets full of needles how can they forget.

A chosen path all full of pretention
like being chained up unable to mention
set free this fate of mine dear Lord
I live by the needle but will die by the sword.

Flying down from the planet once more
lying in state sprawled against a red door
wishing the visit would last forever
shivering hungry unfastening the leather.

Alive and awake my brain exploding
arms and legs are slowly eroding
problems still there with sorrow and pain
alleyway empty and pouring with rain.

Waiting for next time to escape it all
searching for answers within this brawl
wondering whether I live or die
back to reality to cheat and lie.

I wrote this poem when I was a support worker looking after Vulnerable adults, its a nightmare, drugs, we all know how easy it is to start but just how easy is it to end??

Do you know anyone who is addicted to drugs? and was there a happy ending? 2003


  1. Perfectly done, it captures every details and inches of the struggles, pains, and helplessness of those drug users.
    hope that readers learn about it and make some effort to prevent it from happening!

    Thoughtful Thoughts!

  2. Billy, I agree with Ji this is perfectly done. I too at one time worked with people in drugs facility and I know what they go through to overcome their habits. Not an easy thing to watch and deal with. It breaks your heart to see how they lie, cheat, and steal to get their drugs.

    Love Vi

  3. Billy I can't get a comment to go through on you public blog for the members of BWOP so I will post it here, thank you for all your kind comments on my poetry. You are indeed an awesome man and friend.

    Love Vi

  4. Vi, you can open a google email account, then sign in via google, that's what I did, I don't have a google blog, not allowed to use my blog here, thus you do have an option.
    Have a Remarkable Saturday to you all!

  5. Thank you Ji.

  6. Billy, it seems like your poetry, always execellent, has a new dimension that speaks to the soul. I could feel the despair in this poem. Also, your poem was impressive because you
    drew it from your life experiences.

    Mary Naylor....

  7. hi friends

    thanks a million for all your wonderful comments...


  8. My brother was addicted to drugs for many years, and it didn't end well. The mental damage and emotional damage to the whole families leaves scars for a lifetime.

    It was a well written poem.

  9. awesome poem. even though you haven't been a drug user you've really captivated the essence of being one. LOL. Are you sure you're not a drug user? (just joking)

  10. I don't know personally anybody who has had this problem, nor I have I. Much less now that I dedicate my life to my children. I do feel sorry for people who suffer this.


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