Tuesday, 15 December 2009


To people who get so engrossed with the box

Home from work, put the kettle on
It's time to relax and frown upon
the square of light a means of escape
to see a man fly, with a funny red cape.

He saves the world, chases the bad
is it her brother?no it's her dad!
laughter, tears, fictional emotion
escaping reality in a whimsical notion.

Soaps, drama's, movies too
glued to the box no time for the lou
will he live?does she die!
is it a human?no it's a fly!

kidnapped by aliens, fighting a war
what is the purpose, who is it for?
stuck in a world of frantic array
actors and cartoons, models in clay.

Your own little world, no one dare enter
the sofa, this room, is your worldly centre
no means to an end it goes on and on
from the start of the evening, till the dot has gone.

Do you love TV? or Can't you stand it? what other forms of relaxation do you have apart from TV?


  1. I love the musical tone of this poem too Billy. As a matter of fact I was singing all the way through it. The couch I always fall asleep while watching movies. LOL I make it easy for aliens to kidnap me. viola

  2. I love the musical lilt to this piece. I feel like I am skipping though your words. Funny and so true!

    Love this part:
    “kidnapped by aliens, fighting a war
    what is the purpose, who is it for?”

    Now that is a question I ask myself when I am watching the TV!
    Gerardine Baugh


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