Tuesday, 15 December 2009


to all believers

Voyage into madness
explore your minds contempt
seek out sole destroyers
tarnished and hell bent.

Wander out aimlessly
dreaming in a state
wishing all your life away
and letting them create

Multiplicity dimensions

of varying degrees
trying hard to see the sun
through thickened deadly trees.

Night fall coming slowly
escaping from it all
knowing pretty soon
we will be damned or we will fall.

Hovering above a deathlike state
a torture we surmise
hoping as we drift in time
our spirits will surely rise.

Reaching beyond infinity
awake full of pretention
Claiming a piece of bodily life
our angle of chosen contention.

Shelling the old life
rebuilding the new
wandering in solitude
with a worldly review.

Escapades of history
battles and submission
tuning in your mind
to a brand new transmission.

Dimensions all twisted
alien to us all
teaching how to determine
what we inwardly install.

Educating ignorance
for patience we desire
for spirits linger halfway
betwixt ice and burning fire.

Your destiny reached
body afresh
born into another world
uncovered from the mesh.

Take this chance awaiting you
learn and flourish
open up your new formed mind
it's free and ready to nourish.

over-active imagination  


  1. Billy, I so did enjoy reading this awesome poem. It flowed really nicely which made a smooth reading from beginning to the end. Thanks for sharing my friend. viola

  2. I started reading this poem, and thought, “not bad.”

    Then I read it again, and frowned. “Hmmm!”

    Then I started with the last stanza.

    “Take this chance awaiting you
    learn and flourish
    open up your new formed mind
    it's free and ready to nourish”

    I read it again from the bottom up.

    Pictures popped into my head with each stanza, each one different like a story board. I wondered why I didn’t see it when I read it from the beginning down. Maybe I needed that last stanza to open up the possibilities.

    Or, Maybe I am just a bit backwards today, too much freezing cold weather..

    Whatever the reason, this is a great poem, as I said; each stanza showed me a different picture. Wonderful poetry!

    Gerardiine Baugh

  3. dimensions all twisted, I agree, a good poem with a great mind.
    keep it up! jingle

  4. Wow William you are so gifted! Your words just flow so smoothly and create such imagery! I also love the picture you picked for this one just seems so perfect!


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