Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Autumn leaves crunch
under your feet
rain is cooler
turning to sleet.

People wear coats
except for the few
they're built like houses
chilled through and through.

At this time of year
the color is unique
birds are racing
to fill they're beak.

Nests are visible
in naked trees
flowers are vacant
of buzzing bees.

Its time to rest
winter is near
the cold will be numbing
dark nights are here.
Fires will ablaze
as the months conclude
gone are the salads
in comes hot food.

Utilty companies in awe
as the costs grow wild
for the weather is cooler
out goes the mild.

Gardeners out for the last time
to collect all the leaves
prune the roses
clear the eaves.

Autumn is beautiful
but it doesn't last
winter takes over
it hits us fast.

Its that time again folks in the UK, summer is truly over, the weather turns so quickly, the beautiful colors of autumn lasts a few weeks, then its winter and it seems to last forever ;)

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