Wednesday, 19 September 2012


The little things you do for me
always pleases my soul
your kindness is noted
it helps me reach my goal.

Friends are like rainbows
treasures await at the end
love and compassion
and all you send.

Seeing you each day
brightens my life
it eases the anguish
lowers the strife.

Your there for me
as I am for you
the smile on my face
shines on through.

It isn't one way
I adore you too
the creme of the crop
the sun shines through.

Whatever happens
as our day goes on
we are there for each other
from dusk till dawn.

I feel so alone
until I hear your voice
your my number one
and that's my choice.

Some people make you smile, they are there for you in sad times, they help you through the day, this poem is dedicated to ALL my friends online, who share their lives and company, thank you all :)

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