Saturday, 18 August 2012


When your'e in love
grey skies turn blue
butterflies in your tummy
all day through.

When hit hard
your mind is all mush
nothing else matters
except your new crush.

Head  to toe
you feel so alive
positive thoughts
help you to thrive.

like a schoolboy
you eat and breathe love
God has blessed you
high from above.

Cant eat or sleep
your heart beats fast
your mind wanders
you think of the past.

As long as your here
my life is complete
caressing my soul
and damn hard to beat.

Love is fantastic
heaven sent
your in my life now
nothing will prevent.

When it hits you it hits you hard, you feel like you could fly to the moon and back again, your life is fulfilled, your bullet proof, you think breathe eat and sleep love, and isnt it a wonderful feeling :)

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