Monday, 23 July 2012


After many months of rainy days
the sun comes out to show its rays
smiles all over sullen faces
people come out as all embraces.

Laughter filling the sunny air
no clouds present all is fair
go on day trips have a ball
coming back when its nightfall.

barbaque smells within the air
dogs running around with style and flair
merry people loving the sun
out for one thing, thats having fun.

Will it last? no one knows
as the east wind gathers then it blows
clouds cover the sky and hides the sun
looking for shelter having to run.

One day of happiness isnt too bad
as the rain batters the glass it's rather sad.
will we get another day, everyone hopes
we all love the sun and hope it copes.

We have had it pretty bad in the UK, the weather has been deplorable, we get one day now and again, we are all doing the sun dance lol, to hopefully get it too stay :)

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