Monday, 30 July 2012


In the glory days of summer
back when we were young
time meant nothing at all
the sun shone forever
with clouds rarely appearing
the heat would last forever
as we played away our youth.
the long hot days passed slowly
never having time to be bored
riding to the beach
on your trusty, rusty bike
The beach was rather inviting
even when you could not swim
the sand was hot under your feet
the time to explore had began.
Hunger never getting the best of you
as you stayed outside for hours
each visit being a different adventure
The time eventually came
when you had to go home
fulfilled,happy with your days respite
bathed and ready for bed
only to dream of the days activities
and long for it yet again
on a new and sunny day.
Time meant nothing in your youth
during the summer vacation
all you worried about
was filling your time
with adventure and if it rained
it did not stop you
as you played indoors
not with electronic games
or computers
but with imagination
and friends.

Did you have a good youth, were you had adventure? fun that never ended in days gone by :)

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