Monday, 11 June 2012


I have an old laptop
the battery is crap
you touch a button
and behold a mishap.

Battery low
screams on the screen
coming every second
no in-between!

Rushing to work
scared you will die
the battery is dead
no chance you will fry.

On the last bit
please have a heart
stay alive for a moment
then we can part.

The new laptops are cool
the battery lasts a while
you can surf forever
in grace and in style.

But stuck with this oldy
make the most of the time
it was a great machine
in its prime.

The battery is gone
I must finish this muse
it tried its very best
that's its excuse.

Technology eh, the older laptops were never designed  to last a long time on its battery, about an hour then you need to put the mains on, thankfully over time, manufacturers have designed the newer, faster laptops to last a few hours, sometimes up to ten, but just how many of us still have the oldies lol...

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