Saturday, 19 May 2012


Gangs A Short History of Gangs
Born in a World of hate
guns and knives the way
nothing to look forward to
except dying every day.

Ethnic groups everywhere
fighting for their right
looking after their families
every day and night.

Days and nights in fear
wondering what will be next
its not like living in a fairy tale
far from the happy text.

Children as young as five
carrying weapons to kill
education not an option
looking for blood to spill.

Parents in jail or dead
no one to look up to
every moment a bonus
just feelings of blue.

What is the answer?
no one seems to know
just statistics to quote
as the hatred will grow.

We are all to blame
sitting in our safe castles
forgetting whats really going on
its not us involved in the hassles.

Look around what do you see?
the youth ,going nowhere
brushed under the carpet
a place were life isn't fair.

I watched a fantastic movie last night called "freedom writers" it inspired me to write this poem, and it also gives hope about kids in our generation, what they can achieve if only they are listened to!

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