Monday, 21 May 2012


There is a place I call home
and never would I leave
my heart belongs to only here
of that you can believe.

The hills are oh so golden
the grass is evergreen
trees are tall and majestic
seldom ever seen.

A castle in the city
streets of aged times
historic views aplenty
churches with old chimes.

Auld reekie is her nickname
she is graceful tall and proud
cobbled streets of yesteryear
traders shouting loud.

So if you happen to visit
this beautiful city of mine
you will enjoy the history
and leave here feeling fine.

Edinburgh is beautiful
so proud to call it home
I wouldn't leave it for anything
even to live in Rome.

Despite this poem I did leave for pastures new, as family moved to Southern England, I would never have left Scotland but still regard Edinburgh as my true home, and at times miss it deeply.

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