Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Lets have a DUVET day
forget about the strife
take a day off work
enjoy your life.

Lay in all day
watchin day time TV
you know its for the best
its were you want to be.

Work can wait
settle right in
forget about the dishes
or emptying the bin!

Let the kids run riot
forget about your woes
just make sure your comfy
and cover up your toes.

Forget about the money
it isn't the end of time
enjoy your duvet day
it isn't a human crime.

You feel much better
a day of R&R
get yourself a drink
snuggle up to the bar.

At the end of the day
you need some me time
no one will suggest it to you
enjoy, while in your prime.

We all need some time, to relax, forget about our stressful days, why don't we all have a duvet day, forget about work, the kids, the bills, and just have a ME day, go on have one today :)

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