Friday, 3 February 2012


Love it hate it
its there for all
log in and your there
and you have a ball.

A place to meet friends
maybe have a moan
compliment someone
your never alone.

Old friends new friends
people you meet
designed for the World
at your feet.

Private messages
or public view
you can be who you like
or just be YOU.

Play games
chat online
whatever your preference
its all just fine.

Meet old friends
never seen for years
catch up on old times
wipe the tears.

Read articles
comment or like
celebrate birthdays
or take a hike.

Believe them or not
its up to you
stories are flared
whether happy or blue.

You don't need a pc
to get your share
your cell phone is handy
to get you there.

At the end of the day
you can just shut down
a day in facebook
won't make you frown.

Don't you love Facebook?

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