Tuesday, 17 January 2012


How can we sit back and watch
Dolphins being slaughtered each day
getting caught in fishermen s nets
its not the humane way.

Waters have to be explored
for food , we understand 
but why pull everything out of the sea
by unpopular demand.

The Japanese Government ignore
the signs of millions of pleas
signatures captured Worldwide
but still  no slaughters ease

Be ashamed of what you do
as people sit back in awe
disgusted with your antics
you cannot see a flaw.

Soon there will be nothing left
you will have raped the seas of life
as the World watches you with passion
your causing  pain and strife.

I hope someday there is justice
and we all sit back in delight
as you slaughter your last Dolphin
and end this bloody plight.

As the World sits back in utter anger, the Japanese people are still insisting on slaughtering thousands of poor Dolphins each day, despite the petitions going to their Ambassador, and the Heads of States, it seems the process is slow or non existent.
This needs to end and NOW, Japan we are all disgusted with you, the sooner this needless sickening slaughter ends, the better, keep signing petitions folks and get your message across, before there is nothing left.

please sign this petition to STOP the needless slaughter of Dolphins by the Japanese People.


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