Monday, 2 January 2012


Christmas paper recycled
Turkey all but done
kids have had an amazing time
having lots of fun.

Still suffering from a hangover
makes you ill to look at wine
another couple of days ahead
and you will no doubt feel fine.

As we all count the cost
with credit cards all max'd out
wondering how we pay for it
in the months that come about.

Back to work once again
never feeling you were away
all is back to normal
wishing the holidays could stay.

We all hope this year will be different
and peace will find a way
unrest and civil riots
will hopefully go away.

As we make our resolutions
we know we will never keep
Its all the fun of a new Year
which aids  a peaceful sleep.

Happy new Year one and all
may all your dreams come true
even in an uncertain World
and only for the chosen few.

Happy New Year everyone, as we approach a New Year, we all hope this one will be better than the last, it all depends on US.

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