Tuesday, 31 January 2012


clouds rare
blue sky
the setting serene
birds fly.

trees reaching
magnanimous heights
still they tower
epic sights.

a river so smooth
hardly a ripple
ducklings at the side
sucking mums nipple.

The sun shines down
on a lavish domain
as all the wildlife
flourish without rain.

canoes are still
no wind this day
just warmth and silence
and reeds that sway.

the view is ideal
far from the smoke
as the paddles dig deep
were no one will choke.

As the sun now sets
in this glorious land
its time to ponder
on all that is grand.

The memories are long
nothing will change
this unspoilt beauty
no man can arrange.

such a serene setting, far away from the hum drum of modern life.

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