Saturday, 3 December 2011


I'm invited to a dark place
I think that I should go
nothing here to keep me
no room to blossom or grow.

A place  dark and endless
naked bodies all around
deadened eyes blackened
void of any sound.

Walking on for miles
nothing can be seen
touching ice cold humans
were have they been?

The air is full of stench
nothing wastes away
living on forever
no one wants to stay.

Round and around we go
no doors open here
just the feeling of remorse
dread and fear.

The only time it ends
is if your lucky to see the light
but there's always something around
you can never try to fight.

I'm invited to a dark place
I think I will not go
as witnessed in my darkest hour
I will continue to grow.

If you ever suffered from some sort of depression in your life you will relate to this poem, more and more people these days suffer from depression and find dark days in their lives, always fighting to see the light,sometimes they do, other times they feel they will always be in the dark.

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