Sunday, 4 December 2011


Trusted by his peers
responsible for life
patients in his care
and a dotting wife.

He was never shy at all
and sometimes went too far
his female patients were concerned
left with an emotional scar.

Then his dirty deeds got out
he was struck off and faced ridicule
one of his patients reported him
caught, unmasked, uncool.

Faced with embarrassment
he took his life
leaving many debts
and an angry wife.

Later that Year
his wife lost her son
determined to reek revenge
on the woman who won.

She took a job
to be closer to her prey
she looked after the family
and planned by day.

Bit by bit she plotted
every step of the way
she would have her blood
and enjoy the foray.

In the end she tried
to kill his wife
by hiding her medication
to end her life.

Eventually she was found out
and it all hit the fan
she slept with the husband
a gullible man.

A disturbed lady of evil
never succeeded with her goal
out cold in the greenhouse
with an unbalanced soul.

Here we are friends, long time awaiting, guess the movie, one of my all time favourites, go on have a go, It isn't a difficult one, but then I always say that lol..

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