Monday, 21 November 2011


What's going on in this World
unhappiness and unrest
no matter were you are
it has been sent to test.

Civil wars rue the day
Governments try to control
but people are not lying down
or taking a leisurely stroll.

At home the news isnt rosy
as unemployment strikes a new high
while reforms on benefits strengthen
all you can do is sigh.

Money is getting scarce
families hit the breadline
coming nearer is Christmas
not all will have a good time.

So with civil war and financial ruin
Countries can take no more
its about time something was done
to try to even the score.

I see the World crumbling
as the Years float on by
unless we take a stand
at least give it a try.

Soon there will be nothing left
to leave humanity alive
we need to have unity
in order that we strive.

Every time you pick up a newspaper, watch the tv or listen to the radio its all doom and gloom, countries in the brink of Civil wars, financial ruin, and every disaster we can imagine.
We are the ones who make the World turn and we are responsible for its outcome, and the way we are going it could mean the end sooner than we think..

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