Wednesday, 30 November 2011


As the long nights draw in
and the cold begins to bite
the kids cannot go out
so they begin to fight.

The video games started
the tv's roaring loud
dads in the sitting room
the dog is sitting proud.

Central heating on full blast
preparing to do its job
kids in and out all the time
coffee on the hob.

Nothing on the TV
bored out of your mind
paper read, crossword complete
nothing more to find.

Early night is on the cards
maybe with a good book
curtains blowing with the draught
to scared to take a look.

Tucked up in bed, nice and warm
nothing will get you out
two chapters read of your book
what the hell was it about?

Not much to do on long cold winter nights, the kids do their own thing, we try to do ours lol, sometimes you just want to do something different, but you are always drawn in to the easier things in life.

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