Friday, 28 October 2011


You capture my heart
you sing my song
I've never felt scared
since you came along.

Your smile melts my heart
your presence is dear
your face is evident
in a fountain that's clear.

The voice of an Angel
you lighten my life
your strength is my solace
you conquer my strife.

I watch you sleep
happy, content
I recapture our youth
Its heaven sent.

I thank the Lord 
for bringing you here
you wipe my brow
from a happy tear.

Sleeping soundly
I hold you tight
my inspiration
a pure delight.

Never taking for granted
the person you are
sweet and gentile
angelic by far.

So sleep like a baby
tomorrow is another day
when our lives will be fulfilled
as long as you stay.

For all the lovers out there ;)

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